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Razor Knights Ambassador Program

It’s the community that builds us and makes us who we are. Through our accomplishments and success stories, we had our community besides us, making us better and stronger every day. We’re grateful for their herculean support and contribution to take us closer to our goals.

In an effort to give back to our community, here is an opportunity of a lifetime for everyone who wishes to watch Razor Network soar. We’re launching our very own Ambassador Program to build a team of dedicated members, addressed to as Razor Knights, who share our vision and wish to pave a way to our success.

The Razor Network Ambassador Program is a chance for our Razor Knights to represent us in your local community and build awareness of our offerings to new markets and potential users. So, if you are passionate about Razor Network and have what it takes to achieve our goals, then this is the perfect opportunity for you.


As a Razor Knight, you’ll work closely with our core team, and be showered with recognition and rewards on the basis of how you perform in building our global presence.

· You will have exclusive access to team events and activities

· You will be a part of the Razor Knights Club

· You will engage in regular calls with our core team members.

· You will get access to the executive members of Razor Network

· You can get involved with the direction of internal development

· You will receive invitations to internal meetings with our core team and other ambassadors

· You will be rewarded with tokens

· You will raise funding to host local meet up and workshop wherever applicable


We are on a look out to find dedicated members who can accelerate our growth and build community presence globally. Each Razor Knight will use their specialty to make Razor Network shine in new and innovative ways on multiple platforms.

We have divided our requirements into 6 categories –

Social Media

This role will be of interest to all those who enjoy engaging in or sparking conversations online about Razor Network, Crypto and Blockchain. This category involves the following requirements –

  • Grow and educate various communities on different social media platforms such as — Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Create articles, videos, or visual content as a means to strengthen engagement and understanding of all users.
  • Build more attraction to our announcements and launches by reaching out to influencers/publications and get us featured on their platforms.


To become successful globally, it is important that our project and what we offer are comprehensive regionally by different communities. This means translation of our content to multiple languages.

We need translators who can beautifully translate our content that can speak to several local groups about our benefits and uses. These will be in various forms like blogs, video transcripts, explainers, websites and more.

Graphic Designers

We want skilled individuals who can generate awareness for Razor Network through visuals. If you enjoy creating infographics and videos, then join here.

We encourage being creative and targeting many different angles — some suggestions of ours include:

· Overview of Razor Network and what we offer?

· What problems can Razor Network solve?

Content Writer

You love writing and blogging, then this role is a perfect fit. We are looking for writers who can create engagement and buzz through blogs about Razor Network among readers. We encourage writers to write whatever is on their minds related to Razor!

Technical Advocate

Here we are looking for individuals who know Razor Network and our operations in and out.

As a Technical Ambassador, you are required to:

· Write a technical article on Razor Network

· Participate in our activities, use our products and create an article to outline their functionality

· Be active and answer technical questions on Telegram

Community Rep

You will represent Razor Network in your respective location. We expect that you coordinate with other local community members to organize well-planned events and meetups with local crypto communities. Your responsibilities include:

· Submitting a detailed proposal on resources needed for the event for approval

· Attending local crypto/blockchain conferences as speakers/visitors

· Advocating Razor Network to speakers, panelists, and attendees to spread the word about us

· Leading partnership initiatives with relevant local businesses that fit with our use cases


Our Knights are expected to support our growth and visibility with daily activities. Here are a few things we strongly encourage our knights to do:

· Collect useful feedback from the community

· Test and give feedback on products

· Curate and provide constructive feedback on the content

· Share our content via social media

· Talk to Razor Network team about community/market trends and suggest what we should do to grow sustainably

· Support the use of Razor Network

Interested members from all over the world are invited to join our program. Razor Ambassador Program will play an instrumental role in propelling our growth and make Razor Network a global success.

To join, please fill the form below: https://forms.gle/JsF4VkUd14p8audX7



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