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Razor Knights Ambassador Program Phase-3 is LIVE

We’re recruiting Razor Network Ambassadors

We have received phenomenal responses from our community for the first two installments of the Razor Knights Ambassador Program.

Some of the most passionate Razor supporters have joined us in our journey. They have helped educate others about our mission through various informative and entertaining means or simply by initiating meaningful conversations about Razor’s utility. Our Knights have been instrumental in developing a strong global Razor community.

On our part, we have acknowledged their efforts and rewarded them handsomely, not only through monetary awards but also by making them an essential part of Team Razor. Our Knights regularly attend our core meetings and are the first to know about our latest achievement and roadmap updates.

If you’ve always wanted to be a Razor Knight, here is your chance.

Razor Network is looking to add to its army of the all-conquering Knights.

Read on to know more about what it takes to be a Razor Knight, what we expect from you, and what you can expect from us in return. Don’t forget to fill in the Google form at the end to apply and be a part of the Razor Knights Ambassador Program Phase-3.

What is Razor Network?

Razor Network is a completely decentralized and fully permissionless Oracle network built for various decentralized applications, including DeFi, synthetic assets, stablecoins, atomic swaps, and so on.

Razor implements maximum game-theoretical security to provide a reliable real-world data feed to smart contracts. This ensures that the off-chain data that reaches the blockchain applications through Razor’s oracles remains secure and uncorrupted.

Using a sliding court mechanism, Razor allows the result of any oracle node to be disputed iteratively. This can thwart any potential attack on the oracle network. Razor achieves this while still being fast and practical for Decentralized Finance.

Razor Network is blockchain agnostic and provides maximum game-theoretical security. This provides developers the flexibility to integrate our solution into their products irrespective of the blockchain platform they are working on.

We have already partnered with some of the industry’s leading blockchain applications, such as Polygon Network, SKALE, Algorand, Elrond, Conflux, and Persistence.

What Razor is Looking For in Knights

We had received and analyzed hundreds of applications in our previous two Ambassador programs. After brainstorming for hours, we ended up selecting a handful of our community members to join us in our journey.

Now, we’re searching for more hardworking and passionate individuals. We’re looking to charter into unchartered territories and want brave Knights who believe in our visions and are ready to travel with us.

As a Razor Knight, you will be expected to:

1. Build engagement across various blog sites and social networking channels.

2. Provide local feedback for our work and products to help us improve our offerings and attract more members from the regional communities.

3. Attend and organize Webinars and AMAs about Razor Network in your local communities to help us establish or increase our presence.

4. Educate and inform new community members on our Telegram, Twitter, and other social media about Razor’s vision, latest updates, and activities.

5. Create educational and informative Videos and Articles for YouTube and blog sites.

6. Translate existing content, such as the Razor whitepaper and the latest Medium articles, to your native languages, and promote them in local communities on platforms like Reddit, 4chan, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

7. Create fun and creative GIFs, MEMEs, and Stickers about Razor, and share them across Telegram and other social media channels.

8. Tech Buffs can create more advanced content related to Decentralised Oracles, Razor Network Testnet, RazorScan, and other features of Razor.

9. Connect the team with influencers and media to increase our online presence.

10. Communicate with projects to integrate with Razor Network and explore business opportunities with potential partners.

The list is by no means exhaustive and is bound only by your imagination and creativity. Feel free to add to the list and develop new and innovative ways to support and promote Razor Network.

What Knights can Expect from Razor

By being part of the prestigious Razor Knights, you’ll be able to:

1. Receive monetary rewards in the form of $RAZOR tokens.

2. Attend regular meetings with the core Razor team, where you would be the first to know about new developments and roadmap updates of Razor.

3. Provide suggestions and feedback about how we can develop as a community and play a pivotal role in deciding the direction of growth for Razor.

4. Network with some of the brightest minds and top influencers in the blockchain community.

Apart from this, you’ll be recognized in the global Razor communities. Contribute towards Razor’s cause, and grow together with Razor.

Razor Knight Selection Process

  1. Fill out the form: https://forms.gle/Xj1VNC5ANYcehNtB8 by 10th October 2021, UTC.
  2. The Razor team will review the application forms.
  3. Selected Knights will be added to the Razor Knights group and attend the team’s welcome call.
  4. Knights will closely work with the core team members to help spread the word about Razor.

If you are skilled in social media handling, marketing, designing, community building, or content creation, you are the right fit for our Ambassador program.

Razor Network has many exciting partnerships and project updates in the next few months. Our Knights will have many opportunities to reach out to people, help us achieve our goals, and make a name for themselves. There are exclusive and exciting rewards waiting for our brave Knights.




Razor Network — A truly decentralized oracle platform for decentralized finance

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