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Razor Network Community Update: April 2022

Testnet Phase-2 underway

Another month down, and it is time for our regular community update. Like most months, April 2022 has been eventful, and we have achieved considerable progress. As you might have read in our previous blog posts, last month witnessed the launch of the second phase of Razor incentivized testnet, $RAZOR listing on yet another AMM DEX — Whatswap, continually increasing interest in $RAZOR farms on Dfyn, and more.

Apart from these developments, we have implemented new features and made significant improvements, and bug fixes to the product to ensure an enhanced, more secure, and user-friendly experience.

Razor Network Incentivized Testnet, Phase II

The second phase of incentivized testnet with over 1 million $RAZOR testing rewards has received an overwhelming response from the community. We received over 14000 entries for participation on the SKALE Testnet network following the announcement. All the entries are now being subjected to the KYC process, given that entries are not from sanctioned countries, which will keep us busy for the next few days.

Those who successfully complete their KYC will be accepted to the program and provided with the TESTNET $RAZOR. The TESTNET $RAZOR can be staked for node operation or delegated to a staker to earn TESTNET $RAZOR rewards. Participants will receive a portion of the 1 million $RAZOR reward pool that the foundation has set aside for this program.

Trade $RAZOR-$ETH at up to 90% Less Gas Fee

The inclusion of $RAZOR-$ETH pair on the advanced AMM DEX Whatswap has opened more trading and earning avenues for our beloved community. On April 22, 2022, we added another entry to the list of platforms supporting $RAZOR. With the latest listing, users can now trade $RAZOR-$ETH pairs on the lightweight decentralized trading protocol at significantly lower fees than other available options.

Operating on the Ethereum network, Whatswap’s $RAZOR-$ETH liquidity pool is open for participation. Liquidity providers can earn up to 0.3% commissions on LP by contributing to the pool.

Trade $RAZOR on Whatswap — https://app.whatswap.org/#/swap

$RAZOR Farms Earning up to 79%

Our $RAZOR ecosystem and dual farms on Dfyn network continue to earn great returns to participants. Starting March 2022, the fifth edition of the Razor farming program with a total of 1,080,000 $RAZOR and 45,000 $DFYN token reward pool is offering a consistent annual yield of 79% and 73% for $RAZOR-$ETH ecosystem and $RAZOR-$DFYN dual farms respectively.

We know most of our community members are availing the benefits offered by $RAZOR farms. If you are among a few of those who missed out on this opportunity, you can still join at:

$RAZOR-$DFYN Dual Farm: https://bit.ly/3KqT6hW

$RAZOR- $ETH Ecosystem Farm: https://bit.ly/3sUED7Q

Updates from the Tech Front

Last month, our tech team decided to upgrade the Razor smart contracts, making them more efficient than they are already. To name a few,

- they have enhanced test automation by configuring the Circle-CI continuous integration platform to execute various scenarios and test cases.

- the random collections assignment to nodes has been tweaked. The team has committed Merkle roots for the “Assign Collections Randomly” function recalibrating the “Reveal” function to limit the displayed collections to only what is assigned to a particular node.

- the governance parameter, max-age that lacked an upper bound causing it to break maturities if age is greater than 100 was fixed by adding a safeAgeLimit

- code standardization by incorporating NatSpec format for Collection, Stake, State and Reward Managers to bring in uniformity and promote easy understanding by the community was affected.

Our Golang nodes operations as part of the Razor-Go module also received some TLC from our development team. They have included the “check for divide by zero” error to verify the stakes of stakers and delegators to prevent the “cannot divide by zero” error from appearing in voting whenever a staker withdrew their entire stake. Along with smart contracts, Razor-Go also received Circle-CI updates to create AMD and ARM builds to be pushed to GitHub artifacts and install script for configuring binary on Linux host.

In the last month, we have made Razor Network more user-friendly by improving RazorScan. Now, RazorScan features a new dashboard along with universal search functionality that allows users to make queries based on transaction hash, address, epoch, or collection names. With the integration of search and filter functionality with all relevant tables, users can now share RazorScan links complete with address and transaction hash queries.

A limited functionality DataFeeds page was also introduced, showcasing Jobs and Collection creation features of RazorScan. While users are still unable to create price feeds at this point, it will be made possible soon as our team continues to work on it. Other minor improvements to the interface include enhanced front-end security and faster load times.

If you are a techie by heart and profession and like to dig deeper, check out our GitHub repo’s release notes.

Contracts: https://github.com/razor-network/contracts/releases/tag/v1.0.0

Razor-GO: https://github.com/razor-network/razor-go/releases/tag/v1.0.2-patch1

May the Force be with us!

Throughout the month of May, our team continues to introduce new features and improve upon the existing ones. Keep an eye out for the reports and other exciting updates that are in store.

About Razor Network

Razor Network is a blockchain agnostic, truly decentralized Oracle platform for Decentralized Finance. We are working on next-gen oracle systems. Razor Network is a blockchain agnostic decentralized oracle network focusing on Maximum game-theoretical security, complete decentralization, and fully permissionless.

Stay updated with the latest developments by following us on GitHub and Telegram for updates.

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