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Razor Network Contracts Pass SlowMist Audit with Flying Colors

We are excited to share the results of Razor Network contracts’ latest comprehensive security audit. Conducted by SlowMist, a reputed blockchain security firm with an impressive track record and some of the leading crypto companies and projects as their clients, the final security audit report just landed in our hands. Well, no surprises here as the results were as expected.

PASSED! With No Major Vulnerabilities

As a part of their security audit process, SlowMist subjected Razor Networks smart contracts to a series of tests to identify any potential security vulnerabilities. The testing methods implemented were comprehensive, including black box testing, grey box testing, and white box testing. Each of these tests was explicitly designed to identify security issues and vulnerabilities in different parts of the code and, finally, the entire collection of smart contracts that are part of Razor Network.

These three test methods implemented by SlowMist collectively covered every inch of Razor Network’s smart contract infrastructure. While white box testing covered possible vulnerabilities in programs like nodes, SDK, etc., grey box testing addressed issues with code modules to observe initial running status, mining weaknesses, etc. On the other hand, black box testing simulated real-world scenarios with tests carried out from an attacker’s perspective to identify attack vectors and possible weaknesses in overall smart contract security.

In addition to scanning using automated analysis tools, the SlowMist team, as a part of the smart contract security audit process, also conducted a manual analysis of smart contract codes to check for any red flags. Having done a thorough workup of the Razor core module, $RAZOR token, and other modules, the SlowMist identified one potential low-risk issue, which upon consultation, was found to be something that will resolve itself when deployed with updated role management as planned earlier.

The other two non-issues, but mere suggestions noted in the SlowMist audit report, are regarding missing event logs, one of which was addressed immediately and another fixed in the subsequent commit.

You can check the SlowMist smart contract security audit report here

About Razor Network

Razor Network is a blockchain agnostic, truly decentralized oracle platform designed to meet the diverse requirements of Decentralized Finance. At Razor Network, we are working on creating the next-generation oracle system focusing on maximum game-theoretical security and fully permissionless complete decentralization.

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