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Razor Network Incentivized Testnet Phase-1 completed on Polygon

Razor Network Incentivised Testnet on Polygon Mumbai Testnet that commenced on January 27th, 2022, has finally ended. The incentivized testnet program ended with tremendous success, witnessing more than 80 people participating as Validators — both as Node Operators and Delegators in the program where a total of 500,000 worth of mainnet $RAZOR were allocated as rewards for active participation.

All validators were given 150,000 testnet $RAZOR tokens to explore the entire testnet program. Node Operators could charge a particular commission, and Delegators could earn rewards for staking razor through the node operator of their choice

Main Highlights of the Testnet

While there were very few instances where we needed to stress test with our validators some of the noteworthy highlights were:

1. 80+ Participants

2. 40+ Active Nodes at all times

3. Healthy split between stakers and delegators (50% — 50%)

4. Correct blocks were proposed every epoch

5. No major issues on razor-go (validator)

6. No major issues on razorscan.io

Improvements & Feedback

The feedback and engagement from the Phase 1 participants were very exciting. We got some insights catering to more validators in the future. There were no critical bugs encountered and the 2nd Phase will be based on some optimizations and enhancements. These will be key improvements and we will be ready with the next phase with new incentivized tasks.

Testnet Winners and Rewards

We are happy to announce the winners of our Testnet where we asked our Validators to unstake their Test Razor and a snapshot was taken.


We had a successful conclusion to the first phase of the incentivized testnet last week. We thank you for participating and testing out our early software. We have successfully calculated the rewards and sent them to the respective wallets. The participants that have been considered for rewards are the ones who have a surplus of testnet RAZOR tokens in their account at the time of the snapshot.

The selected participants have been sent mainnet RAZOR tokens on the polygon chain. Here is the transaction — https://polygonscan.com/tx/0xc8b67893cb0a351c5d18353a77c1cc88370059ba48081e52576350bcbe5d117a

Here is a google sheet of the calculated rewards — https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1j_mBzhYcK0Z1wgLWggFfJEJ0WsTKV3Sd8UTujGYwcE4

We would also like to congratulate all the participants who showed interest in our platform and showed great spirit during the entire incentivized testnet.

About Razor Network

Razor Network is a blockchain agnostic, truly decentralized Oracle platform for Decentralized Finance. We are working on next-gen oracle systems. Razor Network is a blockchain agnostic decentralized oracle network focusing on Maximum game-theoretical security, complete decentralization, and fully permissionless.

Stay updated with the latest developments by following us on GitHub and Telegram for updates.

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