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Stakin Joins Razor Network Ecosystem as Institutional Validator

Razor Network’s Validator Network Expands with Stakin’s Entry

Razor Network continues strengthening its foothold as a robust, reliable decentralized oracle solution for the DeFi ecosystem. Helping us in the journey are numerous partners. Now, we have one more such partner joining us in the form of Stakin — one of the popular institutional validation service providers for Proof-of-Stake blockchain networks.

The entry of Stakin to the list of institutional validators supporting Razor Network will contribute towards additional staking opportunities for the Razor Community while enhancing the reliability of real-world data streams supplied by the Razor oracle network to blockchain projects.

Created by a team of Network Infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, and Finance experts, Stakin will be providing the Razor community with a secure, reliable staking service. Adding Stakin to Razor Network will help the project implementation and improve its decentralized governance modules. Users will soon be able to delegate their $RAZOR on the Stakin validator node and support the network.

Stakin currently serves over 37 different networks as an institutional validator and staking service provider, managing close to $450 million worth of assets. It is trusted by more than 27,000 stakers, which will only increase once $RAZOR staking gets featured on the platform.

Stakers on Stakin can be assured of quality service and secure infrastructure provided by leading cloud and Tier3 colocation providers, which is augmented by sentry nodes, HSMs, and live monitoring tools to ensure enhanced uptime of Razor’s nodes. Meanwhile, as a blockchain agnostic decentralized oracle solutions provider, Razor Network’s expansion plan also benefits from Stakin’s existing connections with leading blockchain ecosystems like Ethereum, Skale, Cosmos, Solana, Near, Polygon and Polkadot.

About Stakin

Stakin is an infrastructure operator for PoS blockchain networks, offering users secure, reliable, and non-custodial staking services. On Stakin, users always remain in control of their crypto assets while earning rewards and participating in decentralized governance. Stakin’s offerings are widely recognized and implemented by institutional crypto players, foundations, custodians, exchanges, and crypto-investor communities.

Stakin recently launched its staking rewards tracking dashboard, which allows its users to track rewards across different proof-of-stake networks. Get started here.

For more information about Stakin, visit the Website, Twitter, Blog, or join the Telegram and Discord community.

About Razor Network

Razor Network is a blockchain agnostic, truly decentralized oracle platform designed to meet the diverse requirements of Decentralized Finance. At Razor Network, we are working on creating the next-generation oracle system focusing on maximum game-theoretical security and fully permissionless complete decentralization.

Stay updated with the latest developments by following us on GitHub.

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