RBL1 VC Intensive Alumni Stats

Max Sanders, Goldman Sachs

Launched in 2019, Rebel One is an early-stage venture fund and investor network. We back transformative founders and provide investor training to achieve our mission of democratizing access to investing to realize zero inequality.

We achieve social impact not only through the investments we make, but also through the investors and founders we back. In the past year, over 50 scouts, investors, and fund managers have participated in our Rebel One’s VC Training Program, a quarterly-held 10-week intensive online VC training led by our own Managing Partner, Sergio Marrero.

Through the program, each cohort was able to learn the nuts and bolts of the VC industry and attend weekly live Q&A’s with top VC’s within our investor network (with previous guests from First Round Capital, Bloomberg Beta, and Paypal Ventures) sharing their personal journey into VC and walking through the ins and outs of VC investing.

“I was looking for a formalized way to learn how the metrics are used in VC to evaluate companies without going through a MBA program. The most beneficial part of the experience was being able to learn everything hands on. Talking to different startups and putting together an investment committee memo was super helpful in applying everything I’ve learned. What surprised me most was there’s a group of people just like me who are motivated and ambitious young people. I felt so alone in the beginning and it felt so great to be part of a team working for social impact.”

Mereve Akgun, Pera Capital Partners

We recently caught up with our previous cohorts and have put together a quick snapshot of our diverse network below.

~67% of RBL1 alumni are currently working in VC or is an active investor/advisor in the VC community

~69% are from underrepresented backgrounds in VC

~The “Others” category include cities such as Washington DC, Cambridge MA, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Saint Louis, Madison Birmingham, Austin TX.

Featured Alumni:

Alex Montenegro, Future VC

“I signed up for RBL1’s Investor Training Program because I’ve always been interested in the investing space and after reading the description of the program, I thought it was the perfect way for me to break into venture capital.

Mario Augustine Avila, Fission Ventures

“I chose to do the RBL1 Investor Training Program to learn more about the process of VC from deal sourcing all the way to closing. My favorite part of the program was learning about the financial modeling, the waterfall analysis, the VC metrics and ways to assess a deal. I really enjoyed meeting other individuals who are very passionate about VC and impacting communities.”

Jesha Casenas, Rebel One Ventures

“I really enjoyed the content and hands-on experience of the program. I didn’t expect to be working on live companies. I also really enjoyed meeting the diverse individuals of the group, learning from international peers, and seeing the cultural differences within the group. My favorite part was debating about the startups and investment opportunities.”

Julie Martin, Grow Forward

“I signed up for the program because I wanted an institutional look at how VC is reviewing deals. My favorite was using class time to review deals that we had sourced ourselves, examining where there were opportunities and where we could give feedback to founders, and learning from my fellow teammates. What surprised me most about the program was how much I could apply what I already knew to the venture field and how much I didn’t know about certain industries.

Amritha Appaswami, Founder of Stealth Health

“I joined the RBL1 program because I wanted to better understand the investment process from a traditional VC standpoint, gain access to a network of impact investors, and I also wanted to build a pipeline of new startup deals to grow my experience with the process. The most surprising part of the program was how so many established founders and venture capitalists were so open to sharing their knowledge, the sense of community of the cohort, and how quickly we were able to take the tools and modules and apply it to the real world and approach founders with confidence. Lastly, I would like to say check out the RBL1 programs and get involved. Even if you don’t start investing now, you’re going to build an incredible network and community and gain a lot of tools and knowledge.”

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

To learn more and apply for the RBL1 VC Investor Training Program lead by our Managing Partner, click here now.

Sergio Marrero, Founding Partner at RBL1

Written by Brian Ou



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