The Top 7 Newsletters on Venture Capital

I made a list of the top books on venture capital (VC) — but most of us don’t read books that often. In addition to books, many venture capitalists use email newsletters as one channel to stay informed on what is happening in the industry. We created a short list of the core newsletters to help you get started. Reading these daily and weekly newsletters will keep you on the pulse of major occurrences in the industry as you network with investors and founders.

1. StrictlyVC

A concise daily post and high-level overview of the top news in the venture capital space. The main topics that are regularly included are top news, fundings, new funds, exits, jobs, and people in venture capital. When you first get to the website, the 2000s graphics may make you do a double take in questioning the newsletter’s legitimacy, but do not let the simple format dissuade you– this is a must follow newsletter.

2. CB Insights

CB Insights offers free newsletters, webinars, and articles on market intelligence in the venture capital industry. For the data hounds that like conducting industry research when assessing startups, they offer great material that provides a high-level overview of multiple markets. One item they are known for is their ‘industry landscapes’, where they categorize major startups in the industry to provide an overview of what type of new companies are forming and how they complement each other. This newsletter is key for keeping up with their webinars and the new industry reports they offer.

3. Pitchbook

Pitchbook offers a great collection of articles and research on the VC industry. The newsletter typically includes infographics and major stories that dive into analyses based on the data they offer in the fully subscribed platform. The rich insight from the articles on key subjects provides an in-depth understanding of key topics that vary week-by-week. For keeping a pulse on in-depth research reports that may be related to your field, this newsletter is always worth a scan.

4. A16Z

Andreessen Horowitz, one of the 800-pound gorillas in the venture capital space, a historical backer of startups turned unicorns with a 100+ person team, has a newsletter with great articles and research across cutting edge topics. I love the newsletter — the links to extended articles, analyses, podcasts, and videos are repeatedly overwhelming…in a good way. If you like the intellectual stimulation of diving deep into topics from the leading minds in VC — sign up.

5. John Gannon’s Blog

If you are looking for a job in the venture capital space, there is no other job list as comprehensive as John’s blog. Going for about 10 years, this simple craigslist style formatted website is a treasure trove of useful links of blog posts, stories, jobs, jobs, and more jobs in VC. His newsletters are primarily short updates of featured opportunities. While there are as many jobs in venture capital as there are professional athletes, John’s blog at least gives you hope that with enough desire and hustle you can break into the industry. Thanks John.

6. Union Square Ventures, Fred Wilson’s Blog

Fred Wilson, founder and general partner of Union Square Ventures, a renowned venture capital fund out of New York City, provides another valuable source of information on the industry. His daily posts on venture capital and startups are usually his nuggets of wisdom on a key topic, a piece of media he found insightful, or sharing the Kickstarter project he backed that Friday. They always feel authentic and read as if he is your personal coach giving you a daily dose of knowledge. His firm has done exceptionally well and the blog provides a direct connection to one of the respected titans in VC.

7. Gary’s Guide

The guy with the red tie — Gary’s densely packed newsletter of links to everything happening in the NYC and SF startup ecosystem is not a resource to be missed. The weekly newsletter highlights events such as demo days, meet-ups, accelerator and incubator applications, open jobs, classes, and articles on everything startup. He also gives away free passes to events that are offered to those that sign up through his website. This is one of my favorite (and continuously inundating) newsletters that I check out weekly. I look forward to the day Gary’s cousins in other cities take up the reins to include other emerging hubs like Austin, LA, and Chicago — but for those in NYC and SF, it is a fantastic resource.

There are many more newsletters depending on your geographic region and industry of focus, but these are where I would start to stay in ‘the know’. If you found this informative please like, comment, and share.

By Sergio Marrero & Alana Matos, The Economist



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