One of our friend Gary Quiring’s memories at Eutawville, albeit in happier times. It’s a great shot of him flying over a cotton field back in 2017. The aircraft is a Grafas MAXI 3.5m from Topmodel CZ. (credit: Gary Quiring)

In The Air

Flying fields are as fragile as spring blossoms.

New Audio Content: Soaring the Sky Podcast

One of the commitments I made heading into this publishing year was to provide a variety of new and interesting ways of delivering soaring-related content to New RCSD readers. These efforts have borne fruit, and the proof is starting this month, we are featuring selected episodes from the Soaring the Sky podcast, hosted by Chuck Fulton.

And on with the Show!

As usual, I have likely overstayed my welcome with my ramblings, so I’ll not delay your diving into the June, 2022 issue any further. Other than to say that I really think there is something for everybody enclosed herein. And to also say that without our contributors, we would have nothing for you to read, and without our readers — well, that’s a future simply too bleak to contemplate. So my many thanks and deepest gratitude to both constituencies.


  • Grafas MAXI — From the Topmodel CZ website: “Light thermic electric glider for competitions flying F5J. Wingspan 3.52m…”
  • In The Air: RC soaring is not a crime. — Last month’s In The Air: “There’s a Costco big box store not too far from where I live which stands just east of a great slope that runs due north and south for about two or three city blocks…”
  • In The Air: We belong to a very exclusive club. That is not the good thing we might think it is. — You have to see Gary Quiring’s photo which headlined this article: it’s one of the most beautifully composed that we have seen and yet Gary claims it was an accident. We’re sure he’s being too modest.
  • Club in Focus: Southwest Soaring Society — The most recent example of this feature: “The home of SWSS is set amongst the hills and desert near Maricopa, Arizona and is newly formed…”
  • Clubs — “This is our just-launched list of clubs featured in our ongoing series of articles which are intended to raise interest in, and awareness of local grassroots RC soaring clubs…”
  • Flying Back In Time — Chris Williams’ accidental requiem for Middle Wallop: “I would imagine it to be highly unlikely that 2015 will have gone down in anyone’s diary as a premium flying year…”
  • How to Create Great RC Soaring Videos — Raymond Esveldt’s excellent video covering ways to improve your filmmaking, and where this month’s cover photo first appeared.



RC Soaring Digest (RCSD) is a reader-written monthly publication for the RC sailplane enthusiast and has been published since 1984.

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