Snowball, six o’clock high! (credit: Kevin Newton, see ‘Winter’ below for details.)

In The Air

The French have a word for it.

It’s Winter — Go Outside and Play!

While I realise the concept of ‘winter’ needs hemispherical context, when I look outside and wonder where the grass went and when the pathways will need clearing next, it’s clearly winter up here at the home office. It was serendipity, however, that we stumbled on a number of wintry pictures recently and thence, spontaneously, this has become ‘the winter issue’. With apologies, of course to all those lucky enough to live in places where spring is about to slide into summer and the gliding season gets properly underway.

Some beautiful, classic examples of the much-missed CAM line of power scale slope soarers. (credit: Kevin Newton)

Another Year Come and Gone

As I said at this time last year being the “hopelessly lapsed son of English descendants of Irish Catholics”, Christmas is what my family celebrates in December. That said, I also understand that is not everybody’s way of doing things including doing nothing at all. All traditions of this time of year are equally significant and equally worthy of our respect. However, for old time sake and out of respect for my late parents — this time of year really makes me think of them and really miss them — I would like to personally wish all of you a very Merry Christmas.


  • Elf from Vladimir’s Model. — “a new generation of hand-launched planes with 1m wingspan. The amazingly small size of the model gives the pilot access to places he never dared to fly before — car parks, beaches…”



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