Gary Quiring’s brand new Pulsar 3.6m aloft early in the morning at Bowman, South Carolina. Gary reports that its first flight presented no issues. He equipped it with GliderDrive, YEP ESC, KST servos and a Horus X10s with G-RX8 receiver. Looks like it’s headed right to lunar orbit.

In The Air

So just how big is the RC soaring community?

  • John Woodfield RC Gliders —John’s superbly entertaining and beautifully produced YouTube channel (see Resources) currently reports 40,900 subscribers and grows steadily. His frequently released videos — where does he find the time! — typically have view numbers in the 5,000 to 10,000 range. Quite a few rack up tens of thousands of views, some hundreds of thousands and at least one from a year ago, a whopping 1.5 million. But like RCSD’s analytics, ‘views’ may not mean as much as you think. A human watched at least 30 seconds and, yes, it could be one human viewed 30 seconds 1.5 million times.
  • RC Glider Universe — For those of you who haven’t found it yet (it’s also linked below) this is one of the premier groups catering to the RC soaring community. It can be found on the social platform everybody loves to hate, Facebook. They are currently reporting 14,200 members. But what’s less clear is what percentage of these members are active. More on that in a moment.

Flying Field Updates from Alberta and South Carolina

The subtitle for last month’s column was Flying fields are as fragile as spring blossoms (see below). In it I told the stories of two clubs which had been summarily tossed off their flying fields. One of them was the Leduc Alberta Radio Control Society (LARCS) which had suffered the loss of their flying field “effective midnight…April 27, 2022. There is to be no flying at the site effective immediately.As a happy postscript to that story, the Zone ‘A’ Director Roger Ganley recently sent out the following:


  • John Woodfield RC Gliders YouTube Channel — The most popular RC-related channel on YouTube? Unless you know of others? To find John’s most popular videos, simply sort by popularity in descending order.
  • RC Glider Universe — The largest Facebook group catering to the RC glider community that we have been able to find. Do you know of others, which perhaps are larger and/or more active?
  • In The Air: Flying fields are as fragile as spring blossoms. — This is where you can find the full text of the LARCS announcement referenced above.
  • Composite RC Gliders — “Our modern company specializes in the development, design, and manufacture of high-quality model airplanes made predominantly from composite materials featuring fiberglass and carbon fiber cloth.”



RC Soaring Digest (RCSD) is a reader-written monthly publication for the RC sailplane enthusiast and has been published since 1984.

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