A clip from ‘Slope Soaring Over Costco’. See Resources section below for full video. (credit: M. Klement)

In The Air

RC soaring is not a crime.

For those who think that either the 400 or 700 feet altitude limit is too restrictive, I beg to differ. The left is ‘at the surface’, whereas the middle is 400 feet and the right is 700 ‘above ground level’. Candidly I can’t make the Dream-Flight ‘Ahi’ out clearly at either 400 or 700 feet. Therefore, if I can at least see the Ahi at altitude unaided when it’s right over head, it almost has to be below 400 feet AGL. Your mileage may vary, of course. (credit: M. Klement)

New Publication Deadline

After one too many all-nighters getting the latest issue of the New RCSD out, I was on the verge of a bloodless (hopefully?) coup when it was suggested “why don’t you just move the submission deadline to the middle of the month?” As with all things new and different, the visceral reaction was that would never work. Until we thought about it for something like, I dunno, three seconds. Problem solved. Decision made. From here on in, and until you hear otherwise, the new deadline for RCSD submissions is the end-of-day on the 15th of the month preceding the month in which the story runs. Of course, if you can’t make the 15th, we’ll still happily accept your article for the issue after the next issue.


One of the commitments we made when RCSD launched into 2022 was to do as much as possible to encourage grassroots participation. This will be aided in no small part (hopefully!) by our Club in Focus articles, our Clubs page, and starting this month, with renewed attention on not-virtual get-togethers featured on our Events page which appears on the main navigation bar (and linked in Resources below).


  • Slope Soaring Over Costco — the full video for the clip featured in the key GIF above.
  • MAAC MPPD-15 Altitude Limit Policy — the document which was the trigger for writing this article in the first place.
  • RPAS Wilco — the Apple app mentioned in the article which is used for determining the status of air space around your favourite Canadian flying site. Also available for Android.
  • Where Did All Those Drones Come From? — the dystopian future I forecast a number of years ago that now seems much less likely given recent developments.
  • Club in Focus — as often as the NewRCSD receives submissions, one or more of these articles will be featured in each issue.
  • Clubs — once it has been featured as a Club in Focus, the organization then gets added to this page for future reference.
  • Events — Much more than your grandfathers events page — you should really take a look. Have an event you want to add to the page? Let us know!



RC Soaring Digest (RCSD) is a reader-written monthly publication for the RC sailplane enthusiast and has been published since 1984.

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