The Aeropiccola ‘Albatross’.

La Dolce Vita

I dream of living in a place where olives and lemons grow.

Riva (credit: Riva Yachts) | Vespa (credit: Ante Hamersmit/Unsplash) | Ferrari (credit: Jebulon/Wikimedia)
Gruppo Falchi members who participated in the club build of the Aeropiccola Albatross. Paolo Rossi is pictured top left. (credit: Paolo Rossi)
The original article on the Albatross from 1950.
The Albatross in various stages of construction. (credit: Paolo Rossi)
The original Albatross plans from Aeropiccola on the left, and the beautiful new drawings by Roberto Viti from which a DXF can be generated for laser cutting of the parts.


  • Gruppo Falchi — The page which has all of the information for the Albatross design featured in this article.
  • Albatross Maiden Flight — A short video compilation of the first flight of Paolo Rossi’s Albatross.



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