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Behind The Blocks #1: Sibesky

Mar 22 · 4 min read

Vasiliy Oleshko aka Sibesky is almost a synonym to the RareCandy3D stamp itself. The St. Petersburg-based visual artist was first introduced to us in February 2020, by Christos Belechris, an early RC3 scout who was digging Behance, and Pinterest aiming to fish for gems no-one would have noticed so far in what at that time was a pact, embryonic NFT scene.

Not only Sibesky set our tone with the launching release of the RareCandy3D house but he since then has released three (3) more albums, with the latest one, entitled ‘Dusk’, published last week on 19/03/2021.

Runaway by Sibesky

Sibesky’s first drop, ‘Runaway’, comprised of three (3) NFTs, one unique, one in an edition of three (3), and one in an edition of (10), namely ‘Flow’, ‘Runaway’, and ‘Annihilation’ respectively. Out of all, ‘Runaway’ was sold out in a matter of days, with collectors including Cryptovoxels whale Sven Venzke-Caprarese, known in the metaverse as Bullauge, Pointshark, and Rapture.eth, also known as VonMises on OpenSea.

Annihilation was also part of our first token pilot; where we tested our ERC-20 implementation with OpenSea, and it worked flawlessly. Multiple collectors were able to claim a portion of the NFT editions with $RCDY; most likely gathered by means of metaverse treasury hunts, and other bounties, which took place in early 2020.

Who is Vasiliy ‘Sibesky’ Oleshko

In an internal interview with our internal artists’ relations dept., Vasiliy described his work as “nostalgia for the past”, revealing that some of his influences lie behind the crafts of Seth Ickerman, Joseph Kosinski, Xiaolin Zeng, and Ash Thorp.

“I am always in a retro-wave mood, hence my creations communicate that feeling” — Vasiliy Oleshko, Sibesky

In the beginning, and although we realized Sibesky’s creations were a great fit for the label, we couldn’t imagine how badass all these publications looked in compliment to the native palette of our website. Just look at these pieces:

Vasiliy’s aesthetic quickly becomes a theme for the broader RareCandy3D aesthetic, and more releases were swiftly planned throughout the new year. His style balances everything we’ve released so far while maintaining the internet-gen/cyberpunkish vibe we were positioned to deliver.

Way before getting involved with the NFT scene, Sibesky was producing animated music clips for various international music artists, effectively enabling him to leverage industry edge tools in motion design and 3d animation such as Cinema 4D, After Effects, and Octane Redner, which he still uses to generate most of the artworks released via RareCandy3D.

Beyond by Sibesky

When we asked him why did he decide to join RC3, Sibesky replied “I was interested in one of the founders, who took the time to explain NFTs in a completely shocking way for me, empowering me to share his vision…” “…I feel like RC3 has a great future, nobody expects or pays attention to yet, and I am excited to be part of it all.”

Introducing Bundles

To celebrate Sibesky’s fourth (4th) release with RareCandy3D, we introduce our first bundles in association with OpenSea namely:

Collector’s Starting Pack Lv.1 (-50%)

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