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Behind The Blocks #4: Vyach

Nov 5, 2021 · 3 min read

Hailing from Kharkov, Ukraine, Slava Gubarev, is a model, skater, and music producer with whom we have the pleasure to collaborate on his first-ever NFT release under the stamp of Ethereal Audio. EAI002 is the second musical NFT that’s following through Ethereal Audio’s genesis release.

The multidisciplinary artist, also known as Vyach, is fusing his musical influences and personal experiences into a four-tracker physical NFT backed by a 12" record vinyl compiled by Vyach and manufactured by CutsOnWax in Athens, Greece.

“Electrophilic Substitutions” comprises a selection of 4 tracks interblending the finest aspects of electro and techno to offer Detroit/Berlin-inspired bangers to even the most experienced ears.

Transparent-green 12" vinyl record by Vyach; edition of 10.

The bustling EP comes in various formats so that even the most exclusive-appetited collectors can be accommodated. There are only 10 Transparent-Green 12" inch vinyl records coming with the relevant ERC-1155 smart ownership contracts, registered on the public Ethereum blockchain, and exclusively available on Rarbile.

Additionally, one can find 100 x digital albums, alongside 1000 x 4 individual audible specimens all available in NFT format, again exclusively on Rarible.

Vyach is a young artist whose work is part of the blooming counter-cultural processes that have been emerging in the Ukrainian underground scene.

Although Kyiv has been in the spotlight of this “rebirth”, Kharkov, the second-largest city and widely known for its constructivist Derzhprom building is where Vyach began his artistic journey.

He started making music for himself as a teenager in an attempt to produce electro-influenced sounds of his own liking. Using an old PC and a lot of appetite for experimentation, the self-taught music producer was gradually noticed by labels and artists in Ukraine and began performing for live audiences.

“To be honest, most people are a little shocked when they find out how I write music. I do everything on an old PC for $ 100 in Ableton DAW using budget monitors and the most common midi keyboard, I don’t even have a sound card.”

For Vyach, making music is about doing “just what he likes and passing his taste for music and style to others”. Talking about NFTs and his future endeavors, Vyach is looking to seize the opportunity and succeed as an NFT music producer so that he can reinvest in his craft, while at the same time managing to maintain and maximize the pleasure of this process.

If you want to get to know more about Vyach, check his Insta and Soundcloud accounts and drop a follow to stay up to date with his work.

If you wanna find him offline, you might bump into him skating at a square or playing music at a rave in Kharkov.

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RC3 Behind The Blocks

Throughout the series, you’ll get to hear it from RareCandy3D’s roster artists, and product managers themselves.


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RC3 Behind The Blocks

Throughout the series, you’ll get to hear it from RareCandy3D’s roster artists, and product managers themselves.