Original Illustration by Fabricio Orellano for RC3.

Behind The Blocks #6: Koyshem

Hailing from St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, Konstantin Davletov, aka Koyshem, is a multidisciplinary CGI artist whose digital creations are usually revolving around carefully developed plots wherein his fictional characters are positioned. “The scenarios I very often portray in my work are usually a reflection of reality, my vision of the world and its future.”, as he puts it himself.

Koyshem’s addition raises our roster’s standards both with his vision and aesthetic of a cyberpunkish future, but also with his expertise when it comes to handling some of the most popular 3D animation & rendering software in the likes of Cinema4D, Octane Render, After Effects, and Marvelous Engine.

Additionally, it’s important to mention that he has been one of the first artists who we had the pleasure to onboard and release his genesis NFT collection titled “Coming”, with 2 out of 3 NFTs swiftly selling out.

RC3-B5–003 “Offshoot” by Koyshem.

“Ordinary Day In The Life”

Inspired by a fictional representation of what a crypto-robbery would look like, Ordinary day in the life demonstrates for once more Koyshem’s skills and creativity in regards to setting up a realistic scene in digital environments that evokes tension and follows through a concrete plot.

This freshly released digital NFT collection comprises 3 single edition NFTs, all available on OpenSea, Rarible, LooksRare, and Mintbase, with high-quality (4K) .mp4 files being part of unlockable content upon purchase.

RC3-C4–001 “Zeroization” by Koyshem.

Who Is Koyshem?

Having pursued a career in photography, 19-year old Koyshem got introduced to the world of 3D graphics quickly as part of his studies — and soon rediscovered his genuine interest. “After a while, I understood that visualizations attracted me more and I went completely into them. This is how I became a CGI artist.”

When asked about what he usually likes to express through his art, the young artist referred to personal thoughts and views as his source of inspiration.

“Lately everything around me began to inspire me. Mostly inspired by walks around the world and various exhibitions. Behind the walls of your home, you can take a huge number of ideas, messages, references. Thinking about everything around you is very inspiring. The works of other people have an equally strong influence on me. The films alone provide a tremendous amount of food for thought.”

Koyshem’s typical work progress always begins after the plot, composition, and messaging of the artwork are settled in his mind. Usually, the creation of the landscapes would be the first thing to be digitally reconstructed using World Creator, followed by modeling and painting of complex objects, such as characters, clothes, and cars, in Cinema 4D or Substance Painter. The last part of the process is related to artists’ most hated process — the rendering 😂.

“When I understand that I don’t see any problems, I put it on the render. After hours of waiting, I start the post-process in Aftereffects, where I fix the problems not founded at the pre-render stage, color correction, add what I could not add in 3D, strengthen what needs to be strengthened, weaken what needs to be weakened. Actually, that’s all, and the work is completed.”

Koyshem’s digital creations reflect his thoughts and opinions about various matters, while what he’s often looking to portray are “the mistakes made by people, various situations that make you think about something and everything that is similar, seasoned with beautiful views.”

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