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RChain Cooperative
Secure. Sustainable. Scalable. Blockchain solution.

17 May 2021

Dear Zach,

i am writing to you in my capacity as president and founder of RChain Cooperative ( Having seen Tesla’s very public flip flop on BTC, i was very encouraged. Yes, blockchain is an incredibly important development. No, BTC (in fact any proof-of-work protocol) is not a responsible implementation of the key ideas. These are exactly the right conclusions.

With those very conclusions in mind, in 2017 we founded RChain Cooperative with the singular purpose to build the world’s most scalable, environmentally responsible blockchain. RChain is now over a year in mainnet, releasing key features such…

Guest: Atticbee, a member of the China community of RChain Cooperative, graduated from Zhejiang University and Carnegie Mellon University with a major in computer science, and later settled in the United States and worked in the IT industry for a long time. As a blockchain technology enthusiast, I began to pay attention to RChain’s technology in 2017, had a lot of communications with members of the RChain cooperative, and have been promoting the awareness of RChain’s unique technology in the Chinese community.

Zora: People familiar with the RChain project know that Atticbee has made a lot of contributions to the RChain China community. He follows closely the development of the RChain project, and organizes and shares knowledge so that everyone can easily understand this technology.

Zora: Q1 — Please briefly introduce the RChain project itself, let us deepen our understanding of the project.

Atticbee: We recently made a one-page introduction of RChain. I just copy and paste here:

Based on the revolutionary Rho calculus, RChain solves a series of problems preventing blockchain platforms from mainstream adoption.

Its fast and scalable conflict detection…

RChain Celebrates One Year Anniversary of Mainnet Going Live

By Steve Henley

Mainnet Goes Live

February marks the one year anniversary of the launch of mainnet, a major technical achievement for RChain.

REV Genesis was 1582631986995 milliseconds (Wed Feb 25 2020 11:59:46 UTC) after the Unix epoch at 00:00:00 UTC on 1 January 1970.

With the advent of mainnet, RHOC token holders received an equal number of REV tokens added to their REV wallet.

Visit to check REV token balance. Join the RChain Discord server at if you need assistance.

The RHOC token was a ERC 20 token based on the Ethereum platform. RChain’s native token is the REV token.

by Nutzipper — Feb 13, 2021

This article aims to explain how RChain can reach horizontal scalability, targeting one of the key ingredients of RChain platform — block merge. Some preliminary results of implementation analysis are included in the end.

Last Finalized State Implementation

RChain, a blockchain consumer cooperative based in Seattle, Washington, recently achieved a technical milestone with the implementation of Last Finalized State (LFS).

What exactly is LFS?

Let’s break it down.

The genesis block is the first block of any blockchain. The RChain genesis block, for instance, was created on February 24th, 2020 with the launch of main-net. Since that time new blocks have been created, one on top of each other, building the blockchain. The first epoch of 250,000 blocks was completed in June 2020. The second epoch of 250,000 blocks finished in September 2020. As…

Tech update

RChain has been on MainNet since February 2020. Since that time, the network continues to advance towards our Mercury release. The team is currently implementing Last Finalized State and Block Merge. Earlier this week, they were able to demonstrate significant scaling performance! See this demonstration by Nutzipper.

Recently Vitalik Buterin posted the following question: Does living in a universe that runs by laws of physics count as being “governed by an algorithm”? (I have my own detailed answer to this, but curious what other people’s response is) i responded because the assumptions implicit in this question cause me to worry that people, especially people who work in technical fields, such as software engineering, have a very skewed view of science.

Folks who are not really thinking about the foundations of science may not know that the general scientific consensus is that we never know the laws of…

When we ask ourselves “What is capital?” different proposals come forward from the community and even from within our own minds. Capital is energy. Capital is information. Capital is a set of beliefs. i want to encourage both a broader and yet deeper and more focused line of thinking. Think about voting. Think about games. Think about the expression of sentiment (likes, emojis, etc) right here on Medium or on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. All of these are coordination patterns for coordinating human behavior that — remarkably — share with capital a common set of features. Now…

Previously on the debrief, Kate Gonsalves (former CFO) discussed the challenges delaying the release of the Q4 (2018) financial report. Kenny Rowe announced his resignation. He expressed his gratitude for the community and reminds everyone he’s still a co-op member. On the business side, using an equity vehicle to secure funds from prospective clients was discussed. An idea involves using RSong. The debrief closed with Greg speaking about RSong’s tokenomics structure.

This week, Greg demos the rollout of RChain’s network software. The presentation covers the functionality of the comms layer, local storage solutions (RSpace), Rholang, Kademlia, Rho execution, Casper protocol…

by Victor Ojimadu | Feb 15, 2019 | Community, Debriefs | 0 comments

Last week, Greg discussed block merge and Casper wallet payments. Kirsten Söderlind and Gary Johnson spoke about the Artèriel project; specifically how the fine arts organization could integrate with RChain’s infrastructure. They petitioned for support to help build a backend MVP. Greg discussed his article, “Blockchain as a tool for political transformation,” as well as computational calculi, comparing the Casper consensus protocol and Rho framework. He redressed allegations from the Telegram channel against the Board for malfeasance.

This week, Kate Gonsalves (former CFO) discusses the challenges that…

RChain Cooperative

Secure. Sustainable. Scalable. Blockchain solution.

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