RChain Node.Hello (v0.1) Released

The RChain Coop’s developer team is pleased to announce the initial milestone release of our RChain node software — Node.Hello (v0.1). This package marks the first of many pre-production release milestones along our flight to Mercury. This pre-alpha software release demonstrates the RChain network communications system and is available for interested parties to begin helping us test. Node.Hello will discover the RChain bootstrap node, detect other active RChain nodes, and form the RChain peer-to-peer network. The network layer is the lowest level component in the architecture that will eventually support RChain’s large-scale blockchain operations.

Detailed documentation on the release can be found in Github.

In addition to building from GitHub, users may opt to download a Docker image from Docker hub.

We invite all community members to test the code and provide developer feedback and ask questions. Questions & Comments are welcome on our Gitter channel. Bugs can be filed on our Jira.

Please keep an eye out for additional milestone components in coming weeks. On behalf of the developer team, I’d like to thank the entire community for your support. On a personal note, I’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

Read More about RChain at http://rchain.coop/