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RChain node version 0.1.3 released

The RChain node now has more installation options and production engineering features, including built-in telemetry for monitoring node performance.

About This Release

The RChain Coop’s development team is pleased to announce the next release of our RChain “rnode” software: version 0.1.3. This is another pre-production release milestone along the path to production release of the RChain blockchain.

The rnode-0.1.3 release includes two improvements to the Node.Hello release. Node.Hello included only the communications layer and the ability to bring up a node and attach it to the initial test net, where it would connect to other peers in the network.

The rnode-0.1.3 release adds an API layer and tools for collecting and displaying metrics on node performance. The node’s network API currently supports JSON-RPC style messaging and, in future releases, will be augmented to include a GRPC interface using protocol buffers. The network API will be used to obtain information from your local node as well as control key node features and functions. Such features include starting and stopping the node, starting and stopping the Rholang virtual machine, interacting directly with the storage layer, updating and querying metrics, interacting with node logs, and more. Please keep your eyes peeled for more exciting production engineering features in future releases. RChain looks forward to supplying a blockchain node that is both simple to deploy and a joy to manage in your environment.

This release also introduces installation options using Debian and RPM packages, in addition to the Docker image.

Get started with rnode-0.1.3

Download this release at the RChain developer portal:


We want to thank all community members for their continued support and invite everyone to test this new release. Building and testing a network of nodes at every stage of the development process is key to the success of delivering a blockchain with industrial-scale utility.

Direct questions and comments to the RChain developer forum. Bugs can be filed on our JIRA.

Read more about the RChain Cooperative on our website. Check out the recent Medium post from RChain Cooperative’s Patrick Macguire: RChain Ecosystem Update 2018.

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Kind regards,

Nash, Mike, & Medha