RChain Rholang SDK (v0.1) Released

Today, the RChain Cooperative’s development team, in conjunction with Pyrofex, released the Rholang Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) version 0.1. This pre-alpha software marks another in a string of milestones along our flight to Mercury.

Along with the SDK, the dev team is excited to announce the launch of RChain’s new developer web site, developer.rchain.coop. This web site contains links to downloadable software releases, documentation, and social media for RChain’s growing development team.

Mount Timpanogos near Pyrofex HQ

About the SDK

The Rholang SDK includes an initial version of the Rholang compiler along with the Rosette virtual machine written in C++. This release serves to demonstrate the inherent concurrency of Rholang’s design and should allow developers to begin learning how to write truly concurrent applications in Rholang. This SDK currently runs as a local compiler and VM, allowing developers to experiment with the unique Rholang language in advance of other blockchain components becoming available.

About Rholang

Rholang is the smart contracting language for use on the RChain platform. Developers writing dApps for RChain’s highly sustainable, scalable, and secure smart contracting platform will write those dApps in Rholang.

Additional Resources

Interested parties can help us test by using the SDK to write code for use cases they are familiar with.

We invite all community members to test the code, use Rholang and provide feedback and ask questions.

Look for more releases in the coming weeks. On behalf of the developer team, I’d like to thank the entire community for their support. Read more about Chain at http://rchain.coop

Kind Regards,

Nash & Medha