Can we trust our experience?

Considering subjective realism.

Diagram of the brain and nerves by René Descartes. Source: Wellcome Trust via Wikemedia commons.
Photo credit: MTSOfan on
Dung beetle, described as follows by the photographer: “The beetle came into our night sheet we had set up. It was busy running around trying to dig itself a hole in the sheet. The noise it was making was like a sprinkler ticking — “Tck, tck”. I tried picking it up and the ticking sound increased to a very fast speed and it was vibrating its body. It was very slippery and difficult to hold.” Credit: Jean and Fred Hort via Flickr.
Photo credit: Cobalt123 on Flickr
Source: Wikimedia commons
Credit: Patrick Grabham on
Illustration credit: Alexandra Koch via Pixabay



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David A. Palmer

I’m an anthropologist who’s passionate about exploring different realities. I write about spirituality, religion, and worldmaking.