Reconsidering: Evil Dead 2

Horror can be more than the word.

In his follow-up to 1981’s The Evil Dead, Sam Raimi fuses traditional horror cinema beats with, well everything. The camera is restless as the hunted, and the jumpiness evokes a heightened sense of fear and paranoia. Have you ever been in a haunted funhouse? The “Evil Dead”(1) are savage and whimsical; the bloodshed sickening and rousing(2).

You begin to realize this is no horror movie, this is a thriller. Wait! No! This is a slasher parody. Then a zombie bites somebody’s head off.

Score: 87.5

(1 )The term can refer to spirits, or zombies, or witches, or a giant man-eating tree

(2) I have never seen this much blood before, and for that matter I have also never seen any green blood before.