Energy Transition in Taiwan:
A Rising Success or a Doomed Failure?

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of Energy Politics in Taiwan

A few days ago I shared some updates on the energy politics in Taiwan with the Australian energy transition expert, Simon Holmes à Court, explaining why some Taiwanese depict South Australia as having an unreliable grid due to high variable renewable penetration.

Since the anti-energy transition referendum has just gained sufficient petitions to vote, I think it is about time to introduce to my foreign readers about the mess we are having right now in Taiwan regarding energy politics. Below is a quick scan of the entire content.

Unless otherwise listed, the sources of the content can be found in the following Energypedia page. The website is maintained by one of my colleagues in the REM program, and I highly recommend it should you want to learn more about renewable energy.



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Tony Yen

Tony Yen

A Taiwanese student who studied Renewable Energy in Freiburg. Now studying smart distribution grids / energy systems in Trondheim.