How did Tesla Slaughter Its Opponents as Soon as It Entered the Market?

Things the Tesla big battery has taught us about the Future of the Electricity Market

What the Tesla big battery did was simply bringing the price back to normal and preventing conventional power plants from routing the market.

More regarding Energy Transition in South Australia

Long Term Effects to the System

The control mindset for conventional power systems is more like driving a large truck, while the new mindset would be more like controlling ten connected bicycles at once.

The Conservatives Strikes Back

Higher VRE penetration did not lead to higher retailer price rise. Note that Tasmania(TAS) has nearly 100% of renewable energy in electricity generation, and the cheap hydropower also constrained the price rise.



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Tony Yen

A Taiwanese student who studied Renewable Energy in Freiburg. Now studying smart distribution grids / energy systems in Trondheim.