Recast Episode 2: Golden Pagodas and Possibilities

Recorded live from Yangon

The world is eager to engage with Myanmar, and the Burmese are eager to engage with the world. On the streets of Yangon, each passerby becomes a dear relative, meeting your gaze with a jovial smile. “It’s great to see you. It’s been too long.” Having just opened up its boarders in 2012, travelers now have the opportunity to witness this gilded land that values meditation and smells of turmeric. But, don’t blink! With modernity, foreign investment, and curious tourists flooding in, Myanmar is changing by the second.

I had the opportunity to sit down with two socially responsible business owners that cater to travelers. Nay Lin is the owner of Off The Beaten Track — a socially responsible travel service provider and cafė. Lin has been working with tourism in Myanmar for over a decade, and sheds a nuanced perspective on how both guests and hosts play a role in helping Myanmar develop responsibly. Ma Pu Sue is the founder and owner of Bamboo Delights cooking school, which uses the proceeds of her business to buy school supplies and educate the kids of the local community. Sue believes that education is the key to creating the next generation of worldly Burmese citizens.

Now that Myanmar has opened its boarders to tourists, the big question is where the country is headed? Tune in to get some insight!

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