A statement from The Everyday Projects

It is our hope and intention that The Everyday Projects might be an exemplar of good conduct, a standard-bearer for sound ethics in our industry and beyond. Well-publicized evidence of bad behavior and poor judgment force moments of reckoning, but we should not lose sight of the daily occurrence, the smaller moments that undermine our ability to stand strong and that chip away at the structure of our professional integrity and basic human rights.

It is in this spirit that we take the opportunity to state some of what we stand for:

Truth, equality, respect, fairness, curiosity, professionalism, and dignity

And some of what we stand against:

Harassment, abuse, discrimination, dishonesty, ignorance, and misrepresentation

We suffer from our own imperfections — as do we all, everywhere — and so our commitment is to the ardent and tireless pursuit of these lofty standards, which should not be considered lofty at all, but commonplace, everyday. We are in the process of constructing a formal Code of Conduct, and have been remiss in being without one to date.

The Everyday Projects published a series of relevant pieces in our Truth-Telling series on Re-Picture this past spring. We encourage you to revisit those essays here.


The Everyday Projects’ Community Team | Peter DiCampo, Elie Gardner, Austin Merrill, Rhynna M. Santos, & Danielle Villasana