The Governments inability to protect Women’s right

United we stand

Women should not be repressed by unjust laws that have been created by law makers, but instead should have equal rights for their bodies in time of progress.

Equality has not always been shared among the people but instead shifted among the powerful. Nowadays, most men who decide how public law should affect us are not common men of labor but instead men of power who have gained status in a capitalist economy. Law makers have made it possible for laws to fall in place to affect thousands of people without worry of public harm. However, most health laws that are being passed are not affecting men’s health but instead harming thousands of women across the country.

The HYDE amendment and bill 1441 has affected thousands of poor women across the country as it takes away equal rights for everyone. In this article, I will argue that women have been repressed over the years by male law makers that have used government power to limit health care in times of progress.

John Rawls a political philosopher argues in A Theory of Justice that there should be arguably a position of equality amongest people for equal rights. This would entitle in a fair world opportunity for everyone to have an equal opportunity no matter the person. In his theory, he states “I have said, with one of the most general of all choices which persons might make together namely, with the choice of the first conception of justice, which is to regulate all subsequent criticism and reform of institutions” (Rawls 208). Taking a position into consideration that before something is changed the moral ethics of what equality must be brought to light as equality is not only among men but also women. In a fair and equal society, there must be equal representation first in a position that benefits the majority instead of being limited by resources. With this position in mind, the analysis of laws being passed can be non-beneficial for most women. Most women being those of color and not being the top 1% percent as most people cannot afford health care with high premiums. Such laws as the House Bill 1441 have affected women trying to have an abortion. This bill has affects women by having to get a written consent of the sperm donor or a legal guardian if under age to get an abortion It can be challenged to say that women are not being represented equally by the law but instead forced to deal with repercussions from unfair bills proposing equality. Biologically speaking half and half genetic material are need to form an embryo. However, women carry the embryo and should not be the means of production for reproduction but instead as equals in say for their own bodies.

The HYDE amendment has blocked the use of government funded money since 1976 affecting thousands of low income women. This amendment passed affects women who are trying to have an abortion due to medical problems and those who want to get an abortion due to personal matters who cannot afford it. This then leads to the women paying out of pocket and or finding resources to go through with the operation. In most cases women who cannot afford it try to find alternate means and overall end up harming themselves more. Women are not only being physically restricted but also mentally as their mental health is also affected by poor representation of the law. However, this is a federal law but does not limit state funding to cover for health benefits for women. In the articles Whose Choice? How the HYDE Amendment Harms Poor Women that only 4 states out the 17 states have voluntarily to change to use Medical funding for women health care. By understanding that the HYDE amendment is affecting 33 others states that have no federal or state funding for women’s health care is a miss representation of equality for all. In a country where equality is said to be spread around the world is lacking its own thunder. Women in the US have been miss represented by the law not only by passing laws affecting what women should do with their bodies and creating restrictions for public funding. To change such laws that affect women reproduction health a better representation of women as equal should be first viewed. Equal opportunity is created in a fair and just world where we should all be represented equally in our basic human needs to survive.

A change in how laws are passed must be made as the Princeton study states “The preferences of the American appear to have only a minuscule near zero statistically non-significant impact upon public policy” (Gilens & Page). In this sense 90 percent of the US income holders are very limited to what they can do compare to the other 10 percent. With the other 10 percent including government officials and top 1 percent of Americans who hold wealth. The government then by using the house and senate can then use their power to appeal any laws they want to pass them by means of influence. Lobbyist have made it possible for money to be poured into politics by donating funds to support or deny movement in congress. To fight for women’s rights there must be first justice of the representation of the people and how funding should be spent. The fair and equal opportunity for women’s health is needed in an ethical and moral way to represent the opportunity no matter the condition of women’s right to thrive and live.