September Journal

re(s)public collective
re(s)public collective
4 min readOct 15, 2021


Mexico City, Mexico

Through the eyes of Nuria Benítez Gómez

Mexico has decriminalized abortion! This is big news for a country where gender violence has very high rates, and where still, women’s rights are not taken as seriously as they should. This legal change caused sensation across the country, although it’s not quite yet a real victory in terms of constitutional and human rights.

On a personal level, I was working as much as I’ve worked in recent years. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever worked so much. It has been satisfying and a huge learning curve, however too much. I was lucky to spend the last weekend of the month at the beach! Only by the seaside I can truly rest and reset, specially after so much work.

Berlin, Germany

As lived by Moritz Dittrich

This month we had national elections in Germany. The biggest win is that the borders lost. For the first time after 16 years of Angela Merkel as a chancellor the conservative party came in second behind the social democrats. Now the social democrats, the green party and the liberals are forming a self-claimed “government of progress”.

I was following election night with my family. After the personal experience of being involed in local elections last year and dramatic loss, the results now are healing some last wounds.

Marrakech, Morocco

Through the lens of Rime Cherai

This month has been pretty intense. Lot of work not much rest. However, in the midst of September well-known tornado, I have attended for the first in more than two years a cultural public event. It was a dramatic reading of one of Grimms’ Fairy Tales. On a Sunday afternoon, there, in the patio of one of Marrakech’s hidden riads, at the heart of the Medina (the old city), Dina Bensaïd, pianist and Hassan Jaï, actor have offered us a threat…to the ears, and to the heart. I shared that moment with my mum, and had the pleasure to meet my dear colleague and, most of all — friend.

Athens, Greece

From the mind of Kiproula Bartzoka

During September everyone is back from vacation and the city is alive again. Which is great on one hand but not so great when you search for a parking spot on the other. Covid cases are still a lot, and it seems that government gradually implements local lockdowns in some places all over Greece. In Athens we don’t have a lockdown, but life starts to feel different for those who are vaccinated compared to those who are not. Certificate of vaccination allows people to go inside bars, restaurants, theaters and do any other activities like gym, dance etc.

I am still working from home since the beginning of the pandemic, which sometimes can be frustrating as I am working and living mainly at the same room. To avoid the monotony of this type of living I started improvisation and theater classes. I realize that if I wasn’t vaccinated these activities couldn’t be an option and I cannot stop thinking how our society will transform after all these.

New York City, New York, United States of America

Experienced by Jon Gayomali

This month was very eventful in very sobering ways. It was the 20th Anniversary of 9/11. It was called a Tribute In Light. It also marks 20 years since the United States has occupied Afghanistan. With Kabul now occupied by the Taliban, it puts into question President Biden’s decision to leave. 23,876 Afghan refugees have arrived in the United States.

Hurricane Ida also hit New York, and it also happened on the same day I was moving apartments. The official death toll from Ida is 82, as climate change was on full display as the climate of New York City has changed to humid subtropical.

Meanwhile, the pandemic is still lingering, with many new variants surfacing. President Biden ordered new federal vaccine requirements for private-sector employees as well as health care workers and federal contractors. My booster shot is due soon.

With so much in the news, it is no surprise that my own life was just as hectic. My youngest cousin, Megan passed away and I had to make a last-minute trip to Long Beach, California with my brother and sister in law to attend the funeral. It was an emotionally exhausting weekend, but much needed as it was great to see everyone all together again after this great loss. She used to call me “her favorite cousin.” I will miss her. Status: Just got back to New York and currently homesick.

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