Business Model Canvas — the Playbook

I’ve recently been finding myself referring more than a few entrepreneurs who are just building their startups to take a look at the various posts I’ve written about the business model canvas and finding a product marketing fit.

To help them out, and in the name of clarity and convenience, I’ve decided to gather all the various sources into this post, and i’ve also written them down in the order I suggest you read them in, if you wish to learn and practice this method.

My suggestions to learning and practicing the method:

  1. Reading — I advise you start with the two background reading posts i’ve listed below:
    - How to build a business plan for your startup — The Lean Business Model Canvas
    - Identifying the customer and finding a product market fit
  2. The video course (free) — After the reading, watch Steve Blank’s free video course, which explains every step in the method — This course is comprised of short 5 min videos. 
    The course is 5 hours in total (although the video player settings can be modified for 2x speed viewing). I strongly recommend entrepreneurs to take this course.
  3. Practice — After getting familiar with the method, the most important take away is to take a pen and paper and start practicing. 
    In my view, the most important part of the method is to focus all your efforts on the value proposition canvas. In the name of practice and the successful completion of this report, it’s best to work paragraph by paragraph with the 38 assisting questions.

Questions to help guide you through the process:

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Media and resources

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