Weddings & Social Media

By Jessica Murray

Social media has been a game-changer in nearly every industry imaginable — perhaps none more so than the wedding industry. Instead of flipping through wedding magazines, brides-to-be are drawing inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram. Instead of scouring the yellow-pages for wedding vendors and spending hours reaching out one-by-one, couples are quickly sourcing information about vendors through their Facebook pages. And couples who once had to set up in-person meetings to book can now do so straight from company websites.

While the ability for wedding vendors to engage directly with couples has created great opportunities for business growth, companies are still struggling with how to get started. To help take your strategy from wedding overwhelm to newlywed bliss, here are the ABCs of tapping into social media to promote your wedding business:

Acknowledge The Importance Of Social Media
For some wedding vendors, a strong social media presence is a no-brainer. Photographers. Videographers. Florists. It’s clear how to showcase your work on social media.

But for others, the connection between your business and social media can be a bit harder to make. Somehow investing the time into promoting yourself online always takes the backburner. Sound familiar? Well, it’s time to change your thinking. Pick one or two social media platforms to focus on (more on that below), and just get started!

Share content that will grab the attention of potential customers, provide them with wedding planning insight — in turn showcasing your expertise — and link them back to your website.

For those struggling to get started, here are some content ideas to get those creative juices flowing:

  • Venues: A virtual tour of your space.
  • Florists: A DIY video putting together a bouquet.
  • Bakers: A video of intricately icing a cake.
  • DJs: A wedding playlist.
  • Hair & Makeup Artists: A video makeup lesson.
  • Caterers: A Q&A about the top questions to ask your caterer.
  • Wedding Planners: A planning tips and tricks infographic.
  • Decorators: A series of graphics sharing this year’s trends.
  • Limo Services: Your favorite wedding service story.

Be Where the Newlyweds Are

When looking at wedding vendors, one of the first places couples turn to is Facebook. Not only does the platform offer important information, but gives even more insight into what businesses are all about. From one look at the page, couples can get a sense of the vibe of the business and determine if it is the right fit for their wedding. So, start sharing wedding content that showcases who you are as a vendor—including the services you offer, your expertise, your past work, what inspires you, and your approach to weddings. It’s all in the details.

Known by many as the wedding planning app, Pinterest offers a seemingly endless amount of inspiration when it comes to all things wedding: from the dress to the decor, food to the entertainment, and everything in between. Pinterest allows users — be it the bride or their wedding planner — to create multiple boards where they pin images and articles from around the web. Create pins on your brand Pinterest page that will spark the imagination of your customer and pair them with descriptions using language around what is being searched. For example, if you are a baker sharing a beautiful cake, be sure to include “wedding cake” in your description. Don’t forget to link the pin to relevant pages or blog articles on your website to push potential customers further down the path to purchase.

Instagram is all about showing, not telling couples what they can get from your company. Using photos and videos, show couples who you are as a business and what you have to offer. This will help them to imagine you as a key part of their big day. Hashtags are widely used on Instagram, so don’t forget to include them. When posting your own photos, make sure you are including all the relevant hashtags as well as general hashtags like #WeddingWednesday. A hashtag can also be used to find other people talking about the same subject. If you search for #yourweddingvenue (insert name), you can then engage with everyone that has used it.

Connect With Your Audience
One big mistake that companies make is talking at their audience and hoping for the best. They create great content, put it out on the right platforms, get audiences excited and engaged, and then…nothing. Forgetting to participate and join in the community conversation themselves.

Don’t let that be you! Always:

  • Check your social networks regularly for new messages. After all, you don’t want to miss an inquiry for a potential customer.
  • When people engage with your content with comments or questions, respond to them. Keeping that interaction going may turn interest into intent to book.
  • Read reviews from past clients, both on your social media channels and other forums, and address accordingly. Word-of-mouth, even if it is online, can make or break your business.
  • When your clients or other vendors leave suggestions or ideas, thank them. And then take that information to improve and expand your content.

Jess is a Senior Content Strategist at VERB Interactive — a leader in digital marketing, specializing in solutions for the travel and hospitality industry. Find out more at

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