First day at school

My first day with NodeJS

Nowadays everyone is talking about MEAN Stack, Full Stack JavaScript , NodeJS, Express, Angular2, Ionic, ReactJS etc.

I have worked on OpenSource technologies e.g PHP, CodeIgniter, Drupal, Magento, JQuery/JS, Laravel and list goes on but never worked on NodeJS before so I was confuse what is NodeJS, how we can write server side scripting by using JS even though it was designed to interpret or compile on browser side. We normally tried to develop frontend development with JS. So is it possible to write scalable application by using JS on server side?

It means we need to know only one programming language and we will be able to write Full Stack Application starting from REST API to Frontend & also nowadays people are developing hybrid mobile application so there is another dent made by JS in mobile application development. It will be a new challenge for native IOS/Android developer to shift their skills towards JS as well in order to write hybrid mobile apps which currently in demand

Now and onward my focus is to discover answers from some questions e.g What is NodeJS? Why we need to know about NodeJS? How we can build application and solve our day to day problems by using NodeJS?

In future posts we will walk through little code & will try to understand few terms e.g NPM, Blocking vs Non-Blocking, Callback vs Promise etc. but for that you need to stay with me for the next post.

Happy Coding…

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