Lacking the Ingredients of a “Perfect Candidate” Can you Still Succeed?

What is one thing you almost always see included in job listings? From small, start-up companies, to 500+ employee corporations, everyone wants to know where you’ve worked before, what you did there, and what abilities you possess that you’ve used in those roles. All in all, it makes sense why these are things employers will focus on when looking to hire a new team member; after all, it is a pretty thorough list of important aspects of one’s career. Unfortunately for many of us, we don’t always have the perfect list of past employers, and sometimes the abilities we actually possess aren’t reflected in our past positions.

The fact that many of us are, essentially, missing pieces to the overall picture of what’s considered a good job candidate might not be such a problem, if it weren’t for the weight hiring managers and business owners put upon these specific aspects of a person’s career history. It’s not uncommon for recruiters, hiring managers, and CEO’s who are looking to fill an open position to simply toss resumes directly into their email’s trash bin if they see certain things. If you have gaps in your work history or education, short stints of time in your previous positions, a shorter work history than most, or a lack of specific abilities effectively demonstrated in past positions, your resume could be tossed directly into the “no” pile without so much as a second glance. The ultra-competitive, idea-heavy hiring practices, that are so common amongst many of the top companies, make snap judgements and instant toss-outs commonplace among those looking to hire someone new.

Sure, people can always argue that the presence of all of these specific things on a person’s resume really is absolute proof of their reliability, ability, and work ethic, but that doesn’t tend to be the case. These things, of course, can be indicators of a person’s work ethic and general ability, but with so many variables involved, it isn’t a certainty. And, the fact remains that many people with exceptional ability and relevant experience are passed over for positions they would fit into perfectly due to subtle nuances the hiring manager saw in their work history or list of skills. Regardless of current hiring practices, most employers still want the same thing: to hire the best person for the job. The obstacle is proving that you are the best person for the job you want, regardless of those subtle, seemingly negative indicators that plague your resume.

Over the next week, we’re going to teach you how to market yourself as the best candidate for the job you want, despite work history, previous employment, and other job-search killers. We’ll be providing in-depth advice on how to craft your resume when dealing with these obstacles, checklists for interviews, and blue-prints for eye-catching portfolios.

Re.Write by Eclipse Creative Group is dedicated to helping those who don’t necessarily fall into the category of “ideal professional.” We come from a team of innovative rebels, unconventional geniuses, and insane creatives, so we’ve set out to help others like us find their way to the career of their dreams. Whether that means landing your ideal job at a local tech company, or finding your way to becoming the business owner you always knew you could be. We’ll be doing weekly series, challenges, seasonal job hunting guides, resume and portfolio blue-prints, and so much more! Once we figure out what all of you really love to see from us, we’ll be broadening Re.Write to include an app, mentorship program, and potentially a local program for natives of the Akron, Canton, and Cleveland areas!

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