BDW Startup Life

Digging into a completely unfamiliar territory

Spring semester has begun and we have officially formed our startup teams. Oh boy is it overwhelming and scary. My team has decided to tackle a problem space that, in all honestly, we are foreign to. I keep trying to convince myself that this makes for a good idea since it’s an area that requires thorough research. There is no cutting corners or working off any preconceived notions. I feel like I could be Eve roaming around in the Garden of Eden, seeing a “man” for the first time ever and trying to make sense of this peculiar object, who creates unusual feelings in my body and I like them! I’m curious, intrigued and motivated to learn more.

In the end my goal is to learn a lot, challenge myself and feel like I got the most out of this opportunity. And I suppose I’d like to make a splash at our RE event in August where each team pitches their idea to venture capitalists, which will hopefully land me a J.O.B… On the bright side, some of the benefits of tackling an area of interest that you do not have any previous knowledge about include:

  1. Forced research
  2. Unbiased opinions
  3. Open mind
  4. Room to learn
  5. Opportunity to revel in the glory of starting from nothing to creating a useable product

Moral of the story, do not be afraid of the unknown. Embrace it.

I am currently a student in BDW’s 50 week program. Learn more about the BDW program. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter.

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