Design This!

What is it that makes a good design? Are there formulas for successful designs? This is a question that I have always asked when buying daily items such as food and drinks. The special glasses for specific liquors and the intricate packaging at grocery stores. If I were to ask you “how to be a good designer in 3 words or less what would you say”? I would say practice, practice, practice. To me, a are those who know exactly what they’re are doing and executes gracefully. A successful one takes into account who’s going to be using the product. They know down to the minute detail of whose is going to have this product in their hand. It researched studied and varied.
In this brand class, I have seen the importance of design elements. Anyone can display information on a page however, it is those that are able to keep you engaged through your presentation with the good use of those design elements. Spending the time to literally draw it out and sketch it makes all the difference. Drawing 30 renditions then refining them into 5 then 3 are some elements of the creative process. Not everyone is born creative and have to work really hard at it, more so than those who just spew creativity.
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