Is this the real life….

Or is it just fantasy?

What happens when real life just isn’t real enough? Simulation theory aside, the idea that VR, video games and mixed reality can feel more life-like than reality is here, the question is, are you ready?

Magic Leap’s light field technology

There are a few companies that are on the cutting edge of the amalgamation of analog and digital life. For starters, Magic Leap is pioneering mixed reality. The incredibly secretive company uses a combination of several different technologies to project a digital layer into your analog experiences. They’re doing so by using a digital light field that is projected into the user’s eye. Incredibly impressive and exciting but it’s still all conjecture. As it stands, Magic Leap has still to release a product, but has also just received half a billion dollars in series D funding. That in itself is impressive. For a company to still receive that sort of funding and is currently backed by Google and Alibaba, it’ll be interesting to finally see a product come to market. In the meantime, check out this demo video they’ve posted.

Next up, hyper-reality.

The Void

The Void is a warehouse in Utah, the entire space has been mapped into virtual reality and the space is tailored to bring an entirely immersive experience to the user. The key word here is immersive.

I am not sure how many of you have tried VR, but if you have, you know that there are currently a lot of cords and wires. The headset needs to be tethered to a computer to run the games you’d like to play. Not at The Void.

Here, they’ve changed everything. They’ve packed the computer into a backpack(trademarked Backtop) that runs a custom BIOS and OS that you wear, no longer requiring you to stand in one place. You don a vest with 22 haptic sensors that provide you real time feedback and is paired using bluetooth. Instead of a controller, you have a bluetooth connected weapon, with realistic haptic feedback and recoil – all of this culminating in a mind-altering, reality shattering experience that they’ve labeled as hyper-reality.

Check out some of the reactions of people that have experience The Void. Most can’t cohesively explain how crazy of an experience it is.

This is just the begging, 5 years from now things are going to get very interesting.