Million Dollar Dating App.

Newly single again, I have began another chapter on my journey to find mister right.

It is always rough going back to the mind set of dating. But now I have been on several dates and yes I hate to admit it but one or two of those dates have been through the legendary tinder.

As I was on these dates each one of the gentlemen opened up the conversation of how awful tinder is and someone needs to invent a dating application for people like “us”. I am assuming that mean’t normal, average, busy people looking to find true love.

So I made both of them pitch me there ideas on how tinder or any dating app could be better and why. This is convenient because right now that is exactly what I am doing in graduate school. We are pitching start up ideas to be developed and hopefully invested in by the end of 2015.

So back to the story, one of them pitched me the idea that would allow tinder (or any app like tinder) to have the ability to use a microphone. Kind of like a walkie talkie function. This would allow the user to hear and express the tone in there messages. Hopefully better connecting them to the right people for better compatibility.

None the less in this day in age everything is moving so fast and people are changing/evolving constantly. I envy people now who have made it past the five year mark in there healthy relationship.


So basically what I am getting at is there is a problem in the online dating realm and whom ever has the solution for it…I want in.

And that will be how I make my first million.

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