Molson Beer Fridge

The Molsen Beer company came out with a really unique campaign in Canada. They places a special fridge at some key locations around Canada. The premiss of the campaign was “what makes someone a Canadian”. The goal of this was to bring people together. They recorded all of the interactions with the fridge at the multiple locations. They wanted to bring people together in Canada because there is so much diversity there, just like there is all over the world.

As you can see the Fridge required 7 people to say “I’m a Canadian” however it had to be in 7 different languages. It create a conversation and provided the best way to open up to strangers which was Molson Beer. Upon completion of entering saying the phrase in seven different languages the fridge would open with enough beer for everyone involved. When I saw this commercial my first reaction was “WOW”. This company was not doing this to gain awareness of their brand or make them money. They simply wanted to bring people together. People might remember what they are doing with this fridge and be more inclined to buy their product. Regardless of the end goal the one they started with with was what more companies should do. Was this design thinking? Was this human centered design? It was both of these plus more.This social engineering which encompassed design thinking. How can we bring people together while promoting diversity and our beer?

Due to the fact Molson is a Canadian beer company they also had another fridge. This fridge was centered around the national Canadian anthem. As you can see many people came to perform as it were. The amount of people that showed up ranged from a single person to groups of 10 and families. They all sang and cheers together and then the fridge opens and they all get a beer. The simple task of singing the anthem was ingenious. Again we see the coming together of people from all walks of life enjoying themselves and having a beer together. I think this is a very amazing commercial and really grasped the concept of design thinking, Ux of spaces, UX for social impact and all the areas of design in a simple campaign that brought people together around a common goal.

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