Parametric Design-Pipe Dresses

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time on Fusion 360. I’m trying to design dresses out of pipes, which is as challenging as it sounds. Unfortunately for me, there aren’t any tutorials on making dresses on Fusion 360. I spent hours looking around for a way to practice my CAD skills, and finally found a tutorial on how to make “creative shapes.”

I practiced making my pipe shapes by creating a 2D shape, and extruding it into 3D. I then used the sketch tool to draw lines across my shape, taking careful detail to stay on the shape’s faces. After this, I hid my shape using the “bodies” function, and turned each of my lines into pipes.

This helped me understand some of the tools I could use to make a dress. Once I felt confident making shapes, I bought a mesh model that I converted into an STL file, and tried making a dress. My first design I made out of lines, and it was super cool, but I couldn’t turn all my lines into pipes at the end of creating the design. I realized I had to make each line individually and then pipe each one as I went.

This was progress, but the dress was still only on the front of my model. There was no way for it to be worn, so I tried experimenting again. I tried playing with boxes, and using the multiple viewports setting to draw lines around the box. This worked to some degree. I realized that I could draw lines on each viewport to make 3D shapes, but I accidentally joined my box to my top lines, so I couldn’t hide my box.

I decided to use my mesh model again, and used the multiple viewports setting so I could sketch in each box. Finally, I was able to make some neat piping designs that could sort of be worn. It was really hard to make a structure around the mesh model. Many times the pipes went straight through the model (ouch). I also had a hard time getting all my pipes to connect how I wanted them to. Still, I finally understood how to create parametric designs around a figure. These designs would be super uncomfortable even for avant-garde, but I am proud of my first attempt.

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