Passion in the Arts

I come from a Food and Beverage management background. I love food. I am extremely passionate about sustainable agricultural practices, using the best quality organic ingredients, slow cooking, non-industrial foods, and many more concepts. I have experience working in a variety of food service establishments from restaurants to bakeries to catering operations.

I got into the food industry because of my passion for high quality food. After graduating from culinary school I couldn’t wait to meet like-minded people and continue the discussion about the endless topic of food. I soon came to realize that these ‘like-minded’ people I was hoping to meet were few and far between. On my journey I found that there were tons of talented individuals out there, but most had a bad taste of Sinicism in their mouths…not looking to learn or grow, just to punch the clock and pay the bills. Even if they had a passion for food, it wasn’t demonstrated on the clock. Only the rare few read up on current trends, new restaurants, traditional cooking techniques, and even fewer actually cooked in their free time.

I decided to switch gears, now I find myself starting an Interaction Design program. After only the first week of classes I feel refreshed and excited again…about a totally different topic. The instructors and other students in the program have a hunger for growth, creation, and inspiration. They understand the industry is always evolving. The world is our oyster. Once again I have found passion….

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