What Happens When The Jackass Isn’t a Donkey?

I’m not normally one to post anything about politics. In fact, I’m not really predisposed to talking about politics in general. I don’t have enough interest in them as a whole to ever really delve into a deep conversation with anyone about them. I certainly have friends who are more politically inclined than me, and when they start to bring up some policy or another, I smile and nod, but usually end up getting my ear talked off. Pretending to care about what they are so animatedly discussing. But this upcoming election is different.

I don’t follow anything politically on a local or state level. I just don’t see any real value in it. Most of the local and state level initiatives will never even affect my day to day life. Maybe I’ll be more involved when I get older, but at this stage in my life they just seem unnecessary. But this presidential election coming up on November 8th is a whole different story.

I’ve never really had a problem with either political party, but I can’t recall a time in my life when I ever heard such divisive language out of a political candidate running for the presidency. And I certainly never thought that someone who spoke with such a disregard for others could ever have gained so much traction. There have been times when I thought that the republican party had gone too far in the past. But here we are with just under three weeks until the election, and Trump continues to make headlines for incredibly unpresidential behavior. But with a slew of polls spewing out different narratives depending on their benefactors it’s hard to really know what’s what.

I have a feeling that this election is going to result in one of the highest voter turnouts we have ever witnessed. To my recollection there has never been a presidential election with so much tension on both sides of the aisle. And I think that it will have a direct affect on the turnout of the general electorate. There have already been more early ballots cast so far this time around than during the last presidential election. A reported 8,000 registered democrats have already voted; which bodes well for the Clinton, but in life nothing is ever guaranteed.

A lot of people seem to think that they know who will win the election, but regardless of what ends up happening, I know one thing for a certainty. When all of the dominoes have fallen, we will look back on the presidency of Barack Obama as one of the greatest in our history.

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