Choosing The Right Channel For Your Advertisements

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Strategically grabbing the attention of your target audience is pivotal in effectively selling your product / service offerings; and this can only be achieved by leveraging the ideal medium that connects with their emotions directly or indirectly.

That is why Advertising is serious business; selecting the right channel requires prior research, understanding your business and the market mix, the volatility of your target audience and customers as well as industry and technology trends.

Here’s a list of some of the conventional advertising platforms:

Outdoor advertising

This category of advertising includes running ads through traditional and digital billboards. Transit also comes under this category. It has the capability to reach millions of Nigerians in the city given a specific time period. It is usually expensive but effective. Businesses that use this platform are usually not directed to a specific target market but to the general populace.

Print Advertising

Print advertising is one of the oldest platforms. It is cheaper than the Outdoor and Radio advertising and covers a particular set of people; of course, those that can read and write, and then other metrics can be used depending on the type of niche of the Print. Most businesses who use Print are usually targeting “Educated Users” in the middle/upper class…and/or the political elite.

TV Advertising

Tv ads are also one of the oldest, it is usually used to reach a vast network of individuals. It is best to use TV ads to reach audiences that might be interested in something similar to the content the TV airs at that point in time rather than something totally unrelated. For a multi-dimensional TV network, tailoring your ads to audiences of particular shows works perfectly. And TV ads rate are usually dependent on the particular TV in question: a very popular TV Station will charge more than a less popular one.


Radio broadcast is usually able to reach a large number of people, just like the Outdoor advertising. Radio ads are usually cheaper than Outdoor advertising. Large and small business makes use of Radio. To define the kind of audience that might be listening to your ads, you might want to access the kind of content the radio shares.

The options are wide, and a brand must be careful when choosing any particular medium in order to know its limitations, monetary costs and if it is what the business really needs at that point in time.

With Advertising, consistency is more…and precision is king.

So which Medium should you use?

Well, that’s a good question, but the more important question is “Who do you want to reach?”

What’s their social class; educational status, profession and/or professional affiliations, religious and political inclinations and sentiments, age group, gender and hobbies, location, fears and beliefs?

Truth is, the more you know about your target, the more likely you’d reach them.

Advertising is like fishing; If you cast a net, even if it is the most expensive net, cast by the most experienced fishermen, if it isn’t in the right waters, it’ll all have been a waste of time and effort.

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