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November 2021 | Reach Update



  • Tested & released 0.1.6-rc.4.
  • 0.1.6 -rc.1 and -rc.2 releases.
  • Addressed a few small regressions prior to release.

Integrations & IDE Extensions

  • Using AVM 1.0 with performing enhancements.
  • Making good progress on integration with Apple’s M1 chip. Completion is on the road map for December.
  • Converted the Reach Overview and the from the React web app to React Native.
  • Tutorial 2.9 (the section on web interaction) is next on our list!
  • Fixed a BigNumber importing issue on Android for React Native.
  • Enhanced the existing language server and the Reach VSCode extension.


  • We’ve added an API feature which allows APIs to be called from external contracts. Several exciting enhancements to this feature are already in the works!

Sample Use Case: In an AMM, the swap functionality would be an API call. This would allow swappers to get in, make the call to a function, make the swap, and get out.

Continuous Integration

  • Reduced developer portal build time to 20 seconds. Your move, Usain Bolt.
  • Improved our Docker images by removing some redundancies.
  • Updating our CI to automate releases.

Compiler Improvements

  • Added a static analysis to determine when views are used inappropriately. This means that we can effectively say “hey, you’re not using this function appropriately; please reconsider” to help our community build safe, secure applications.
  • Introduced the `call` function, which allows programs to use APIs outside of a parallel reduce.
  • Enhanced the Solidity we generate, so verifying contracts is faster on Conflux.
  • When you mint a token within Reach, you can now customize the number of decimal points you want to add.
  • Made improvements to the warnings and error messages across the compiler.
  • Made Reach script improvement which lists available reach init templates, allowing Reach to update from the latest version or a specific version using REACH_VERSION=.

Miscellaneous Product Updates

  • You can now set your default compiler. You no longer have to put it in the environment variable to determine your output.
  • Created a new command, `reach config`, which allows developers to specify what connector they want to target. Now, you’ll no longer have to download the docker images for the connectors you won’t use.
  • Reach config creates an “env” file in developers’ $HOME directories which exports runtime configuration settings in their shells as a convenience.
  • Worked on getting the Reach Development Portal ready for launch.
  • Added an RPC server for .NET C#. Unity developers rejoice!
  • Started work on a debugger which will help developers reason about their program’s execution.


Companies building in Reach:

New Team Members

  • Nina Klymenko has come aboard to lead design for our Specialty Products team.
  • Dr. Chiké Abuah has joined Reach as a product engineer with a focus on security and debugging.

Reach is hiring for the following roles:

Community Outreach

  • NFT Jam auctions are available to demo on the Algorand TestNet.
    Version 0.1.6r5c2:
  • An NFT Gallery (stylized “ga//ery) is in the early stages of development.
    View the project on GitHub:
  • Our community merit badge program is in the works! Check out the latest iteration of a Discord profile frame you can use to show off the badges you’ve earned.


  • Monday, October 25th | Decentralized Umoja Kickoff Livestream
  • Thursday October 28th | Jay gave the keynote at Conf42.
  • Tuesday, November 2nd | Chris gave a talk at the Conflux developer workshop at NFT.NYC.
  • Wednesday, November 3rd | Reach hosted the Player’s Club After Hours event at NFT.NYC.
  • Friday, November 5th | Chris hosted the WTF NFT panel, kicking off an Algorand developer workshop at the Florida Bitcoin and Blockchain Summit.
  • Wednesday, November 10, 2021 | Jay joined Hacker Earth to discuss breaking into blockchain with JavaScript during INNOVATE, their ongoing Algorand Hackathon.
  • Monday November 29, 2021; 3:00–3:50 PM at The LAB Miami | The Future of Blockchain is in Reach! Take your front row seat on the cutting edge of blockchain as Reach unveils your first look into the not-so-distant decentralized future fueled by the Algorand ecosystem. Cofounders Chris Swenor and Jay McCarthy reveal how Reach empowers next gen dApps that’ll rewrite the conversation on blockchain DeFi, NFTs, and more!

Next Month

Here’s what you can expect to see from Reach within the next month…

  • All AVM 1.0 Features
  • We’re attending DCentral Miami on December 1st.
  • Implementing integration with Apple’s M1 chip. Get excited.
  • Reach Developer Portal. Get even more excited.

See you next month!



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