5 Best (Free) Websites To Watch Movies Online

DOWNLOADING movies can be tedious task and you cannot always rely on friends to get you the latest Marvel movie (in HD, of course). So if you missed out on a movie or can‘t download it from your er.. usual sources (*cough* torrents *cough*), here are five of the best websites where you can stream movies online for free!

Disclaimer: We do not know about the legality of these websites (although many claim they are legal). Check your local laws and regulations before trying them out.


With an intuitive design and a vast collection of titles, Moviewatcher is one of the very best there is! It provides you best quality streaming links from various video hosting websites over the globe. Another best part? No registration required!


A simple look at this website will reveal the vast number of movies available to watch. You can also sort them according to the genre of your choice. Create an account, keep you popcorn ready and click on the title! You can also download the movie if you want!


This website will always have the latest movies available as soon as they are released. If you don’t want miss out on any of your favorites but cant go the theater, this site should be on the top of your bookmarked list! There are multiple links available for each movie in the best quality available for your viewing pleasure.


With one of the best designs, this website makes watching movies a real pleasure. Click on the movie, read about it, get the rating and decide for yourself! This is for those who are looking for a thorough and immersive experience. All the titles are available in HD format for the best quality experience.


Solar has everything — from latest movies to all the TV series. If you want a bit of everything but don’t want to visit separate website every time, look no further than Solar. While it may not have the best interfaces around, it makes up for it with the sheer quantity of media available.

So what are you waiting for? Click away!

Author: Niranjan Deshpande

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