6 Ways To Avoid Split Ends

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Split ends are a headache for women who don’t like short hair. Split ends stun the growth of hair and make hair look untidy. There are more ways to prevent split ends besides trimming. We have some more tricks to save your hair. Just follow the steps and get rid of your split ends!

1] Shampoo Only Your Scalp

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Do not apply shampoo to all your hair! Let your hair fall freely and shampoo your scalp. This will definitely make a difference since all the essential oils are taken away by the shampoo.

2] Conditioning The Ends

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Always! Always!Always use a conditioner. Be sure to apply conditioner directly to the ends and let it soak in for some time.

3] Towel Drying

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You don’t need to scrub and rub your towel through your hair. Just wrap a towel around the hair and leave, since rubbing will make your hair dry and often frizzy.

4] Use Wide Tooth Combs

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Make sure that you use wide toothed comb for use on your freshly-showered hair. Just let the comb glide through your hair. This will not damage your hair and help in preventing split ends.

5] Brush Wisely

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For your daily brushing, choose a cushioned paddle brush with flexible bristles. Brush your hair correctly and slowly and it will help reduce hair fall as well as splitting of hair.

6] Straightening Your Hair

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While straightening your hair, always use a brush or comb to guide you during the process. Prevent straightening a strand of hair in a bent position. It can give rise to split ends.

Following these steps will surely save you from going to the salons to get the trims!

Author: Simran Jhambia

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