7 Dinner Etiquettes That Everyone Should Follow

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BE it a five-star luxurious restaurant, or a three-star one, we all need to follow some rules for dining to avoid the embarrassments and to make an impression. While people find it difficult to know these fine-dine etiquettes, we will make it simple for you! Read with us these elicit points to make your next dinner party a success!

1. The gesture and posture

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Don’t be late.

Dress yourself up for any dinner party. It is always recommended to dress elegantly and walk confidently. Make sure you are at your best and be confident. Confidence adds up to style and sophistication.

Do not put your cell phones, keys or purse on the table.

2. Make sure you let your guest order before you

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Do not return the food or the drink you didn’t like. Take a bite/sip or two, and wait for others to finish.

Do not complain about food or anything else until someone else doesn’t like it too.

Do not take pictures of food or yourself in the table, it is unacceptable.

Make polite conversation to keep the air between everyone healthy and fine.

3. Unfold the napkin and place it gently on your lap

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Use the napkin to dab your face, not to wipe it. Tucking the napkin in front of your shirt/dress is outdated and unacceptable these days. Putting the napkin on your seat and leaving would mean you will return shortly and putting it on the left side of your plate means you are done eating.

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4. Use of cutlery

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For the formal events, the forks are set on the left and knifes are on the right side of the plate. Work from the outside inwards, course by course, finishing with pudding implements.

Hold the fork with the left and knife with the right hand. If there is no knife, a spoon is held with the right hand with fingers on the top and thumbs underneath. Use the knife to cut the food and use the fork to eat.

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The cutlery should be rested on the plate when you take a break making a V and they should be kept side by side on the plate when you are finished.

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5. Glassware and drinks

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There will be different glasses for different drinks. Make sure you choose the right one.

If the server is filling your glass, never gesture with hands that you don’t want more, tell him verbally that you don’t need more. Never hold the glass to the server when he’s refilling your drink.

While toasting, keep a direct eye-to-eye contact and do not tap the side of the glass with utensils or touch glasses with other guests, you could damage the very expensive glassware.

Remember, drinks are to compliment your food and not for you to get drunk.

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6. Food and soup

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Do not start eating until everyone has been served.

Do not slurp your soup, do not make noises while eating and do not burp.

Do not stretch yourself to get a dish at the other end of the table, simply ask the person sitting close to pass the dish.

Try to avoid using your fingers to directly eat the food as much as possible. It doesn’t look good and is unpleasant to watch.

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Do not talk while eating, wait till you swallow all the food inside your mouth and then speak your opinion.

Do not use toothpick or your fingernails to remove the food stuck on your teeth. Instead, excuse yourself and go to the washroom and remove it.

7. Pudding and dessert

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Pudding are not to be confused with desserts. They both can replace each other. Both are provided with forks and spoons and the spoon is held in the same way as the knife, with the bowl of the spoon facing inward. The fork is used to push the nibbles in the spoon. Tilt the spoon and bring it close to your mouth and eat it. Don’t bend towards your plate while eating food/dessert.

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Do not pick up anything that falls down the table, be it your napkin or your cutlery. The server will replace it and then you can use it.

Lastly, bid goodbyes and say thank you to the host and everyone else for coming.

So now you’re ready for the next dinner with your companions.

All the best!

Author: Riya Chawla

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