Art From Heart By Gregory Thielker — Paintings That Look Like Pictures Taken From A HD Camera

NEW York painter Gregory Thielker uses painting and drawing for the conception of site through his observation and memory. His hyper-realistic work relates to specific places and makes us think about the way recognition and narrative can often sway understanding and perception. He employs graphic materials, such as oil paint and graphite to bring the picture to life.

That’s Greory Thielker

His work has been featured in The Guardian, Vermont Public Radio, The Independent, La Repubblica and New American Painting.

The way Gregory views the world and how he puts his imagination on the canvas, truly sets him apart from everyone else.

Recently he held an exhibition of his work at Castro Gallery, New York, Bennington College, Vermont, The Brattleboro Art Museum, Vermont, Republic Gallery, Paris and the Fashionpoint Gallery.

Only a true student of art can go on to make such masterpieces.

On a misty road!! Heading towards a destination unknown.


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Author: Piyush Rishi

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