DC & Marvel’s Crossover In Toy Figurines — The Result Is Amazing!

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is huge and is awesome in every-way. Marvel and DC has been going into each other’s universes in comic books. Creating a series of crossover that saw epic things happening like Batman lifting Thor's hammer, Superman doing the dance with Hulk and the billionaire stand offs. All of this was spectacular. But, we can’t expect that happening in the silver screen anytime soon. What is really happening is each brand is making its own universe.

All credits goes to the amazing Hrjoe who created these wonderful figurines.

Source: Moviepilot

What would happen if Marvel and DC figurines meet and started acting like their characters do in the universe, seeing X-Men, Avengers and Justice League altogether is still a dream longed to come true but you can see them chilling out in pictures below.

Crazy recluse meets a lunatic sociopath

Joker went to sleep after meeting the bean, seems like there are some things even the joker can’t understand. Crazy meets a whole another level of crazy.

Jump scares do work on the Bats. Didn’t knew that? Suddenly batman appears sillier than serious. That expression says it all, Mr. Bean has broken The Dark Knight.

Is that Ghost rider or a Super Saiyanjin. Mr bean wonders?

When your squad meets that one rich kid everyone hates

Hulk explains why you should never trust your mate with personal things

Geeky version of beauty and the beast

What Spidey would be doing at the end of Civil War

This one is getting roasted

Stalking squad’s favourite chick never ends well for anyone, specially when she decides to be naughty

He talked about being a flamethrower while he pees. He didn't tell us about pooping.

Screw Civil War, it’s stone-paper-scissor time.

Can he regenerate out of this?

Author: Ayank Chourasia

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