Defame Men To Attain Fame — Are Social Media Trails Necessary?

The age of social media and its ever growing uses has cemented its place in our daily life. No matter what you do, everything needs to be posted on the media first. It has become a habit that just won’t die. Did you ever question yourself? Is this habit good? Posting everything that has happened with you over social media, is that right thing to do? Most people won’t have even consider this thought.

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Social media was made to be a medium where people can share things with their friends and post whatever they like but are we being responsible about it? That is the question which needs to be answered.

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In the past year, some cases have surfaced which showcased the actual power of media and what it can do. It can either be effectively used (Anna Hazare) or easily abused (following examples). These cases shed some light on this matter.

Jasleen Kaur vs Sarabjeet Singh

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The case came into public’s eye, when Jasleen decided to click a picture of Sarabjit and post it over facebook. She accused him of being a pervert and molesting her on the traffic signal. The news quickly grabbed everyone’s attention, and within a day or two, Jasleen became everyone’s hero. The guy received flak for the act and was then arrested in the coming days. However, it all turned out to be a facade and more witnesses turned up to support Sarabjit.

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That was the post she made, declaring that she got molested. Tall claims were made but she had apparently no evidence to back her claim. The media already passed their judgement on the poor guy and he ended up losing his job, his reputation in society and was criminalized in the eyes of the world. All that on the basis of a single post.

However independent witness, tells a very different tale. Sarabjit never molested her. Yes, they did argue, but the guy never said anything offensive to her. The case is in court now.

Commoner vs Foreigner

The case of Colaba, Mumbai where a foreigner lady accused the man in the aforementioned picture of making inappropriate gestures. She posted the man’s photo on twitter, she made claims that the guy was masturbating seeing her. The boy was then arrested.

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The boy’s statement suggests that all of this was a misunderstanding. He wasn’t making sexually explicit gestures, he was just urinating by the roadside (a common scene at some places in India) when things got blown out of proportions. A misunderstanding led to his arrest where social media played a big role. Decide for yourself, we leave it upto you.

Curious case of Rohtak sisters

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This isn’t the scene of the brawl that broke out inside of a moving bus. But, who are those two girls in the above picture? They are the ‘bravehearts’ of Rohtak. Delivering a beating on the guy in blue shirt, who allegedly misbehaved with them. Why is there always a camera present when these girls are showcasing their bravery? Why wasn’t it reported to police or any media?

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Here is the scene that got them into limelight. The alleged molesters in the bus were themselves molested by these sisters. The whole incident got recorded on the camera. The nation praised and applauded their bravery, no one cared about the other side of the story. The judgement was passed and the boys who were falsely accused. The girls even got cash rewards.

When the truth came out, it turned the case on its head. Nobody molested those girls on the bus, in-fact it was them who harassed the boys. They were simply asking them to vacate their seats, so an old lady can sit. This simple feud over seat, soon became violent as they started beating the boys with belts. Eye witness present on the bus said this in their statements proving boys’ innocence in the matter.

Slut shaming

This is a rather recent case of a post made on Facebook that was trending all over the social media. The driver has been shamed and is facing the wrath of public. As it is mentioned in her post, the driver allegedly remarked on her wearing short clothes. Agreed, it was none of his business, but again, was there a need for social media trial?

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Do we know what actually happened? World is basing the veracity of the incident on the basis of a singular post? Who are we to pass judgment on anyone? Why not use the law and the system for the same? Why are we ignoring the fact that there could be another side to the story? Nobody bothered to look at.

Sometimes it makes you wonder whether this a case of slut shaming or overreaction? You decide.

Author: Ayank Chourasia

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