Dr. Strange Trailer Released — An Addition to Marvel’s Avenger Roster

Who is Doctor Strange? Why his addition is a big deal for the geek fraternity?

He is a God-like being

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Doctor Strange is one the most powerful superhero of the Marvel Universe. He is damn near to be considered as an omnipotent being and his powers can rival anyone in the whole planet. He doesn’t age and has defeated death over and over again. Yes! This Doctor doesn’t age, perks of beating death.

From Neurosurgeon to Master of Black magic

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Doctor Strange is a master of black magic although he once was a non believer. It all began with a freak accident that changed his life forever, as it costed him to lose both of his arms. Now physically challenged and unable to do what he does best, Doctor Strange decided to reject his scepticism and explore the dark world of black magic in search for a cure for his hands. That is where he found the ‘Ancient One’ in Tibet, who turned him into what he is today, a true successor of the greatest sorcerer that ever lived.

His armory of weapons

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He is a surgeon, a superhero and also the greatest sorcerer this planet has ever seen. He was trained under the Ancient One for years and years so that one day he could succeed his master. Weapons like orb of Agamotto, eye of Agamotto and cloak of levitation are some of his signature items, besides having utmost mastery of magic and martial arts.

Most overpowered superhero of marvel universe

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He can create Illusions, knows every spell there is, can freeze or turn or manipulate time as he pleases. The eye of Agamotto allows him to do all of that. He doesn’t age, can fly with the help of his cloak of levitation. Orb of Agamotto — we don’t even know for sure what the orb does but it certainly would be something… strange. He also has a Book of the Vishanti which contains every spell that exists in this universe or any other. He also has plenty of other weapons at his disposal which he can use, but there’s a catch, using all of this requires purity of will and a pure heart. Besides magic, Dr strange is also a trained martial artists.

Witness the Amazing world of Dr. Strange through this trailer

We have this amazing actor Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes fame), who will play the role of the mighty sorcerer. If looks could kill, this Dr wouldn’t need to use his magical powers. He is drop dead gorgeous.

Author: Ayank Chourasia

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