Get Good Smelling Hair Without Shampoo


If you are tired of washing your hair with shampoo daily or if you want to make your hair smell good we have some simple and easy hacks to make your hair smell good naturally!

1] Hibiscus Oil

Source: Mysimplehomeremedies

Your hair will really smell amazing from hibiscus oil. Moreover, this oil will strengthen your hair roots and will help to darken your hair. It will also reduce hair fall.

2] Jasmine Oil

source: einn

Jasmine is always known for it’s fragrance! This oil will make your hair smell really good and refreshing. If you want a hair growth simulator to grow your hair faster, jasmine oil is the perfect oil for you.

3] Rose Water

source: popsugar

Rose Water will surely help you get everyone’s attention. You just need to dip your hairs in rose water or spray some rose water on your hair and leave it like that for some time. The impact will be so amazing that you will be obsessed with it.

4] Lemon Juice

source: nutritionsecrets

Lemon Juice will make your hair smell fantastic and fresh all day long. Apply some lemon juice before shower and then wash juice out of your hair. Your hair will definitely smell good and the citric acid in lemon will save your scalp from dandruff too!

5] Hair Perfumes

source: naturallycurly

Try getting hair perfumes for your hair without alcohol. While you can also spray normal body mists and sprays to your hair but make sure that you don’t apply them in your scalp or locks since it will damage your hair. You can try different flavors of hair sprays starting from strawberry to mango and what not!

Author: Simran Jhambia

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